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    yeah quick question. Do we work on monday november 12 2012 which is veterans day? im not certain.
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    We always work Veterans Day.
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    But it isnt time and half because the holiday is today, I found this out seven years ago, The last time Veterans day fell on a Sunday. We weren't paid time and half for working the following Monday.
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    Yes it is
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    Dosen't matter about falling on a Sunday.. what matters is whether or not your local supplement recognizes Vets Day as a contract holiday or not. Ours does not and Monday is an operational day for UPS.

    For us generally the only holidays that we have operations are the Friday after Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. These days are generally no pickups and deliver air only so we run a reduced number of routes. If you work it's all time and a half for hours worked (8 hour guarantee applies) plus eight hours straight time. If you don't work it's eight hours of straight time holiday pay.

    All the other holidays our contract recognizes are days UPS does not operate so its simply a day off with 8 hours pay.


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    Not in my region.
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    AK--the two operational days you spoke do not pay time and a half nor are we guaranteed 8 hours in my division. We get our holiday and straight time for hours worked. If we want our 8 they will either load us up or will have us wash pkg cars.

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    In my Region Columbus day and Veterans day are working holidays and if you work the holiday you will get time and half and 8 hrs. pay for the holiday but not this year because Veterans day is on a Sunday so we just get the extra 8 hrs. pay.
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    We are not the post office. Yes we work the honorary holidays.

    However you would be surprised how often people show surprise when we show up on those days.
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    My doctor thinks UPS is Federal. I have to correct her all the time.
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    Yes we work, we like to make money