veterans day

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  1. retired2000

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    here is to all the veterans at ups :thumbup1:

    thank you
  2. 25yrvet

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    Happy Birthday to the USMC 11/10/06 !!!!!
  3. moreluck

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    A United States Marine
    Written by: Hershey S. Gehris, CCAM

    I am A United States Marine.
    My tenets are Duty, Honor, and Commitment
    in service to God, Country, and Corps.
    No matter the cost;
    No matter the sacrifice;
    Even to the last, full measure;
    I will do my duty.
    I will honor the traditions of those Marines who have gone before me;
    as they have passed to me so will I pass to those who follow
    The sword of freedom, the banner of Courage,
    the unblemished Honor of the Corps;
    For service with out honor is not service.
    I will serve with Honor
    I will remain faithful at all times;
    to my Corp, my Division,
    to my Regiment, my Company,
    to my Platoon, my Squad,
    to my Fire-team, and to these tenets.
    I will be Committed
    I am a Marine.
    I am not an Ex or a Former Marine;
    I am or I am not.
    There is no middle ground.
    I am
    A United State Marine.
    H & S 1/8
  4. pt_oms

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    Thank You To All The Veterans For Making This The Greatest Country In The World!!
  5. MR_Vengeance

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    you should thank our commender in chief for that too.
  6. any122

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    I say thank you to all who serve.Also to say sorry for what the people of United States did to are troops on election day.May GOD be with all the troops who are over defending are freedoms why most will sit home in thier lazyboy this holiday getting fat and not even consider what these fine men and women are giving up so the average person can enjoy the fruits of the land.GOD BLESS AMERICA!