Vicksburg UPS Delivery Man Accused Of Dog Attack

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    Vicksburg UPS Delivery Man Accused Of Dog Attack - WAPT

    A video from a home security system appears to show a UPS driver encountering both guard dogs. Within seconds, the driver is seen standing ahead of the dog, striking Taz once near the top of the head with a long, rod-like object.

    Storey said he wants the UPS driver to be fired.
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    If it comes down to me or the dog or in this case dogs I am swinging anything I can find. If customers order stuff and are expecting it to show up lock the dogs up.
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    Right, but are you going to grab a "weapon" to carry while you are making the delivery?
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    By just reading the blurb, it sounds like the driver was defending himself.

    Sometimes I think customers really don't get it. There are people out there who feel superior to all service providers. By service providers, I am talking about plumbers, electricians, truck drivers, hotel staff, maintenance workers, etc.

    It seems to me the first question out of the owner's mouth should be "Is the driver OK?".

    Shame on you Mr. Customer. Didn't your mom raise you right? :sick:
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    I better keep my opinion to myself this time lol
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    Are you sure the driver didn't shake the gate? Are you sure that the dog was not in attack mode? Are you saying that the driver shouldn't defend himself?

    I am sorry but I would have to have proof beyond a shadow of any doubt before I disciplined ANY driver over something like this.

    Due to the fact that the owner was looking for some sort of vindication from UPS.... I would make sure that all drivers should leave a note for an alternate delivery point. I would also let the customer know that UPS will not attempt a delivery without some guarantee that the dog(s) are locked up. I would have a center clerk call the owner after the 1st and 2nd attempt if the dogs were not locked up.

    We have control over our driver's safety and this should come first. Public safety is the next concern.

    It is one thing to be an animal lover but no animal's safety takes precedent over the safety of our UPS employees or the safety of the general public.
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    We could second guess this all day long but my guess is the driver knew that this could be a problem delivery. He would not have had to use it if the dog was not attacking. If the pipe is 2 or 3 feet long the dog had to get awful close to the driver for him to swing and hit the dog. An attacking German Shepherd dog within 2 or 3 feet of me is way to close for comfort. I would be glad I had a 3 foot pipe to defend myself at that point!

    I can tell you this... I would not be looking to kill or maim or even injure any animal but in this situation adrenaline takes over and you might do more than you thought while you are protecting yourself.