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  1. k_Loader_Airhub

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    Im about to put together a VID on My work with UPS and how i got fooked working for contract for 10 years and UPS for 3 years.. I feel , it is time for me to speak my thoughts.. Any other contract personal or peeps wont to send me comments or vids please do so , I will post on YOU TUBE for everyone to see.​
  2. k_Loader_Airhub

    k_Loader_Airhub New Member

    Its time for me to speak my mind and post my stuff , on how i got fooked out of ten years with contract service with the almighty UPS.
    Look forward to a You tube vid on how i was fooked by a contract company that fooked me and serval others. Why would UPS do such a thing?​
  3. upsgrunt

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    A video on Youtube? Maybe they will post it with the group of farting animals. I'm not demeaning your intentions, but what is a video on Youtube going to do?
    What are your damages? What did you NOT get? What did you expect?
  4. brownmonster

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    No job is guaranteed. Ask Plaxico
  5. rod

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    Farting dogs would more likely be on Stupid Videos . com- a much better site than You Tube:wink2:
  6. Baba gounj

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    Does this have anything to do with your post on another thread, united pot smokers ?
  7. feeder53

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    When I first started driving, I was hired by Leaseway Transportation and worked my way up to the #3 Tractor Trailer driver and that took 16 years. Then one Christmas season they told us they were going non-union and we were not going to be rehired for those positions, They asked us to turn in our keys for our tractors and that was that. I then went to TNT Red Star express as a road driver and it was a shock to start all over again number 37 on a 37 person road board, but I had a teamster job and pension and as was said in some of the above posts...we have no guaranty in life. Today, Red Star is gone too and I am back with the Military, but still have my Teamster pension so I count my blessings every morning.
  8. dilligaf

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    He's getting screwed to just ask him!!!!! LOL
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    Well tell us???? How did you get FOOKED????
  10. dannyboy

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    oh no, another bsbag personality hits the board.:happy-very:

    what will the boy think of next.

  11. ih8tbrn

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    From what I've seen around the center and from a lot of the posts from people on this forum I would say "united pot smokers" could be an accurate description of UPS.
  12. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    and with a name like you chose, we are to take you seriously?


  13. ih8tbrn

    ih8tbrn Banned

    You can go pound sand for all I care.
  14. Channahon

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    Do you still work for UPS?
  15. Baba gounj

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    Troll alert
  16. ih8tbrn

    ih8tbrn Banned

    No, not a troll. Just someone that doesn't worship at the alter of UPS.
  17. ih8tbrn

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    Just to clarify for you people that make assumptions. My screen name does not say ih8tups. It implies i hate brown, as in, brown trucks, brown uniforms, brown pens, brown socks, brown boxes.
  18. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    since you are too new to really know much, we dont bow at the alter of ups.

    but we dont hate everything brown either.

    you only see things through your glasses, not anyone elses.

  19. freeloader

    freeloader geek

    My guess is this guy is an affected employee at one of the gateways that's being closed down. I am still anxious to see his youtube video, if he ever posts it.
  20. ih8tbrn

    ih8tbrn Banned

    So how does that justify people judging me based on a toungue in cheek screen name? And, I made the united pot smokers comment in jest, although there's some truth in it. It's no secret that there are drivers that indulge and some of the decisions that management makes it is obvious that they are smoking something.