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    I don't see how even the most anti-union UPS employee can look at this and not get :censored2: off. I'm not what you'd call a die hard union guy by no stretch of the imagination but I do believe that all contracts should be honored. The over 9.5 violations seem to be the main focus of discussion whenever this topic comes up but some of the other violations are just as blatant. Below is an example of one that caught my eye.

    "Local 340 v. UPS, South Portland, ME On behalf of Jonathan Larkin, Union alleges that the Company violated Articles 17 and 41, claiming that the grievant was required to work a 30-month progression while contract requirements are to only serve a 24- month progression."

    This one kind of hits home because I have a feeling that they are going to try and pull this one on me and a couple of other guys in my center. Should be interesting.
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    in the building that i work in they have been pretty good about keeping drivers under 9.5 that really want it.they are doing it on a case by case basis though and not with the opt out bid sheet like the contract calls for.
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    That is what is happening to me right now with the progression.

    The problem is, one of the people who negotiated the language lied about how the air driver language was negotiated.

    Previous to the problem I am having now, I was told that even though i was a top rate FT'er 22.3 I had to complete a second progression to become a top rate air driver combo 22.3. This was by the local president who also negotiated the language! HE propsosed the language, when UPS was forcing employees to complete two progressions, to prevent the company from doing this.

    THEN he tried to sell me out saying that the COMPANY COULD make me complete two progressions!

    Bottom line: You cannot trust the union, or the company. Hire a laywer, file compalints with the labor board, do whatever is necessary. I am going to have to do all of the above to get my proper rate as a FT driver now. It is a shame that we pay all these dues and cannot get proper representation OR consistent rep.
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    My situation shouldn't be so complicated. I'm a full-time driver in progression (30 month) and was hired after the early ratification of the new contract but before the start of the economic portion of the new contract. Contract clearly states that the previous contract's progression applies. But......will anyone be surprised if UPS tries to stick with me the new progression that is 36 months.
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    If you have completed a fulltime progression and then bid an air combo job you do not go thru another progression.... But why would you bid air combo after being inside/inside 22.3 ?? You lose money on the inside portion of your job unless you have 20 + years ???????

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    I am not lying. You may disagree, that is another matter. I am not lying and definitly not wrong. The union ignored my CORRECT interpetation of the contract and it actually took another steward from another district to set them straight! (Guess who) When the person who negotiated the language made the decision that I was wrong . I was top rate inside, and told I had to enter the air driver progression I had partially completed to complete an inside/outside progression also.

    I am over it, but pointing out that the union will not fight individual private battles, unless you have significant visibility. They will fight battles that are affecting many members and could swing votes their way. It is best to fight on your own and stand up for YOUR rights instead of hoping and assuming the Teamsters will work for you when you are right.

    Because the hours are better. 3am-12pm is better than 6:30pm-3:30am for me. I will take 42k/year instead of 50k/year for better hours.
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    You may be a bit surprised the outcome. I hope you get the pay you deserve. The union may file the grievance, but remember, if you do not get the backpay you deserve (which is entirely possible), there are other options.
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    I would hate to work at the Hillside NJ facility on either side of the fence after reading that.
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    what about the 22.3's their are 20 cases for the up coming national panel. and NONE FROM LOCAL 767 regarding 22.3's!!!!! they keep telling us next month next month dead lock dead locked. in the mean time part timers are doing full time jobs and noon day is still off limits to displaced combo workers. Even though new hires have been flowing threw to staff noonday. Good thing its election year!! the members first slate got my vote. check out blog at teamsters local 767 election
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    I am betting a large percentage of those cases get referred back to a lower level panel, around the 75% range, and half the remaining cases get deadlocked. Maybe half of those the union will win, but I highly doubt it. None of the cases about 22.3s will get a decision on them one way or another. They will all be referred to a lower level hearing or deadlocked. Thats just my 2 cents.
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    Unfortunately I think you might be right on about the 22.3 cases not being heard as we've been thrown to the curb by UPS and the Union that is supposed to protect us. Deadlock seems to be the big game with the Company to delay, delay, delay in the hopes we go back to part-time, quit or die from the split shift schedules. Such choices after 18 years...:knockedout:
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    Oh yeah!!! MembersFirst2009 slate is our hope for representation, the Contract being upheld and RESPECT again in 767. It's been too long..
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    The company has been screwing up the progression pay forever. They screwed us back in 89-91. Not sure what the details were but those of us in progression recieved a back pay award.