Violence in the work place?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by dannyboy, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. dannyboy

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    My mug last week.

  2. wkmac

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    What happened?
  3. my2cents

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    Looks like you either had an allergic reaction or were on the fight night pay-per-view undercard. Hope the swelling is going down.
  4. dannyboy

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    I figure it had to be the Keter guys pink shirt. It didnt bother me until we were in the unused office for several hours that my eyes were starting to swell. That office is only used maybe 2-3 times a year if that.

    I ended up not being able to work the rest of the week, and spent most of wed evening and at least 5 hours thursday at the doctors and ER.

    Still not sure what caused it. Funny it happened during the Keter audit.

  5. tieguy

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    my daughter used to have an allergy against the dandor on certain dogs. Her eyes would swell up the same way when she came in contact with one. Do you have any known allergies?
  6. interested

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    I hope you are feeling better. Glad you had the opportunity to take some time off. Our health is nothing to play around with.
  7. dannyboy

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    Several known but none that go past watery eyes and stuffy noses etc. This one really sent me over the edge. I guess Im just getting soft?

  8. wkmac

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    If the office is rarely used it could be mold. Some parts of the country have had wetter years and this has been a problem. Black mold has been known to even cause death so it's not something to take lightly.

    Maybe you're really allergic to Ketter and from here on out through the rest of your career any and all contact with them should be avoided at all times! Think you could get a doctor's excuse for that one? Just think, no more safety questions. Lucky Dog!

    On a funny note, the name change to DART provided a humorous incident as an employee was asked what the DART frequency was and the employee replied, "our #art Frequency is..." but the funny part was he just got a little ahead of himself and instead of the "D" his brain inserted the ...yeap you got it, the "f" and for a momment the audit took on a humorous note at the expense of his redface. The auditor had a great come back with, "it's a good thing the frequency here is so low because in some buildings the smell would be awful!"

    BTW dannyboy: Hope you're better now!

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  9. toonertoo

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    hope you are better, I had that happen once and I was swelled for weeks. Never did find out what it was. Had to cut out all foods and reintroduce food groups one at a time as every allergy test with all the needles, every one reacted positively. It was good for a 40 pd loss. And I peeled so bad from being all swelled, One solid welt as you look like you were/are. Good luck! Maybe you are allergic to all the bulls%$t going around?
  10. local804

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    I hope this didnt happen during your meeting with tie.(just kidding)
    Feel better soon...
  11. dannyboy

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    Ah back to work. ANd those steriods.......... well all I can say is that if my sup could, he would feed them to the rest of the guys.

    Glad that is over, it was terrible not to be able to see properly. God forbid I ever go blind!

  12. wily_old_vet

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    Did you get paid for the days off? Glad your better.
  13. brownmonster

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    Danny, had the same thing happen last spring. Started the day with a sore eye and by the end of the day I was driving with one eye and scaring my customers. Stopped at a clinic at end of my day, gave me antibiotics. Cleared the swelling but eyeball was totally bloodshot. I told the sup I wouldn't be in the next day and she couldn't argue. Went to the eye doctor. Ended up giving me some kind of steroid. Did the job. The fun part was carving the goo out of my eye for 10 minutes in the morn. Monster
  14. dannyboy

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    No no pay for the days off.

    THat hurt too, cause I just had gotten back to work after being off with a pulled groin muscle for 8 weeks.

    Darn Liberty, they claimed that I turned down TAW on several occasions, so they refused to pay any comp.

    Hard to justify working TAW if all they offer is 10-15 minutes work and you have to drive 45 minutes to get to work. Didnt even pay for the gas to get there.

    Oh well, tis Christmas, and back to the 11 hour days.