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Starting wage is a waste of time.
And Tony was saying this guy may run when Hoffa leaves? I thought he was Mr. Hardcore of the West? I didn’t read the article because I dislike the source however the text post said it all. I would prefer no strike and my ass is voting no. It’s like voting yes is the only option with some people. And being forced to support a yes vote is somehow not playing politics?


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This is the best contract any teamster has ever gotten. You are all getting raises.
We have had raises on the last 2 contracts so you statement is pointless. Dont listen to this nimrod VOTE NO. This contract is garbage and Dennis Taylor should be made my driver helper with no boots on to truck through the snow in 20 below zero weather.


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I took it as sarcasm. I'm guessing a regular member made a new account to mock all the other people trying pass themselves off as actual ups teamsters and get us to vote yes. Just look at the user name @UPS_BIGWIG_STOCKHOLDER . If he were serious he would try to point out more great things about the contract, and use a less obvious name like @Chester . Instead, he chose to highlighyt one thing about the contract, as if it were the only good thing about the contract (even though the raises are, at best, neutral). I may be wrong, but that's how I took it.
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