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    We've heard hues and cries of republican foul in the last 2 Presidential elections of voter suppression but seems there is someone new on the block doing the same thing under the guise of, "It's the rules!" Or I guess in another way you could say, "It's the Law!" Here's tis story as it now gets even more interesting because of who enters the game.

    Wed Feb 13 2008 09:42:14 ET

    Dear Governor Dean:

    I write this letter as a former Democratic candidate for President of the United States and a civil rights leader who has fought his entire life for fairness and justice for all people regardless of the color of their skin. I firmly believe that changing the rules now, and seating delegates from Florida and Michigan at this point would not only violate the Democratic party's rules of fairness, but also would be a grave injustice.

    As former Presidential candidates we both know that, whether we liked them or not, we adhered to the rules set forth by the Democratic party to select its nominee for president. For example, I would have much preferred starting the nominating process with caucuses and primaries in South Carolina and Washington D.C. than Iowa and New Hampshire. Nonetheless, I knew the rules, abided by them, and ultimately accepted the consequences. Changing the rules in the middle of a presidential contest is patently unfair both to the candidates (including Senator Edwards) and to Democratic voters everywhere.

    Some have said that not seating delegations from Florida and Michigan disenfranchises Democratic voters -- especially African American voters -- from those two states. That claim, if true, should have been made many months ago before the decision was made to strip these states of their delegates, and, once the decision was made, it should have been vigorously objected to and contested by those who felt it disenfranchised voters. To raise that claim now smacks of politics in its form most raw and undercuts the moral authority behind such an argument.

    As a civil rights leader who is neutral in this presidential primary season and who highly respects both remaining Democratic candidates, I think we have a responsibility to protect both candidates from charges that the process was tainted so that our eventual nominee does not start the general election campaign under a cloud. Clearly, the justifiably proud and intense passions of each candidate's supporters will be on full display in the months leading up to the convention. However, the Democratic Party and independent voices within must temper over enthusiasm by either side and the party must be resolute in ensuring that there is one set of rules by which we select our nominee.

    In Progress,

    Reverend Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network

    Concerned citizens should keep a good eye on this issue going forward IMO.
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    Where exactly did the Reverend Al stand BEFORE the Florida Primary? and why didn't we hear this outcry sooner. The same goes for the Clinton camp which is now asking that the Florida and Michigan votes be counted. Harold Ickies (sp?) voted to take away the delegates as a member of the Democratic National Committee but is asking for the votes to be counted as a member of the Clinton campaign... Inconsistant? Clintonesque? Hypocritical? All the above and more?
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    After all, Clinton's was the only name on the ballot in Michigan. How is that an election? And there was no campaigning in Florida. If Clinton, Obama and former Sen.Edwards campaigned the results may have been different. Florida voters went in voting like it was a beauty contest. Threats of lawsuits are the last thing florida needs when it comes to elections. We could do without the drama.
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    traveler Where next? Venice

    Also, many Floridians went to the polls mainly to vote on the pending real estate tax changes that did pass. I would assume that was the case with many democrats since their vote in the primary wouldn't count at all... or will they???

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    Of anyone here D, being where you live, your's is a valid point and it's valid even had you lived in East Timor. Everyone on the democrat side agreed up front and before hand on the rules and process and from what I can tell the Florida Democrat party decided to pull a wildcat. But in all of this, what did the average voter do wrong? Where was the foul that the average voter committed? The average voter is at the mercy of the democrat party cntrollers and it's the same on the republican side. However, the republican party counted those votes in Florida while the DNC refuses to do so. Is the DNC correct in it's position? All the way down the line. No argument there but again, what is the trangression comitted by the average Florida voter?

    They are told that "THIS" is their primary and "THIS" is their chance to voice their pick for the party nominee. No other opportunity could be seen so what was their other option than to go vote if they wanted to make sure they had any chance of having a voice. The Florida voter was the unfortunate meat in a :censored2: sandwich that they had no part in creating. Hillary wants the delgates because she violated the party agreement and campaigned so what does that say about Hillbaby and making agreements?

    Had Obama or Edwards come out the shining horse, you can bet they'd be where Hillbaby is but at least they seemed to have honored to the agreed to process. Another negative for democrat voters, especially those who are independent minded, they see the republicans getting their votes counted and democrats not counting their so what happens in Nov. when the republican nominee is except in name only a democrat himself and that voter walks into the voting booth? Except for his position on Iraq, you could about vote for the guy!

    IMO, the party masters screwed over the voters in Florida and for what? So they can control everything from start to finish. Why the need for such control from the national party level? Why the need to direct the course of how all things will proceed? Why the heavy hands of politics? Since 2000' the Florida voters have had reason to question the sureness of that State's process in getting it right and this again raises question about who is really minding the store down there. If I were down there, I'd be making some midnight runs out to the gulf stream to feed the sharks! Do sharks eat party leaders?
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    Ok, Florida wants to purge their voter rolls and get rid of all those dead people on the list.

    The DOJ wants to sue Florida to stop them from doing that.

    So, the DOJ wants to enable dead people to vote?
    I'm confused.

    I've never experienced so many states suing the gov't and the gov't in turn, suing the states. That's what happens when your whole govt srtucture is made with lawyers.....Incredible what this president has caused people to do.

    That's what happens when all of Wash. D.C. is lawyers.
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    You know why you need a liscense to drive? Because it is a priviledge. Know why you don't need one to vote? Because it is a right.
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    It's not a right that everybody has........dead people, inmates and illegals don't.........although they all vote!! Amazing!!

    And if you were one of the lucky ones to exercise your priviege of getting a driver's license, then trot on over to the polling place with that lcense in your fat fingers and show it to get your ballot.
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    The number of voting fraud cases is amazingly small.
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    So it's the same as stealing a little bit ? It's still wrong and should be eliminated. And I think it's more widespread than you think.
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    This is what happens when people like you support actions by a political party to suppress democratic voters by trickery. The florida voter suppression law is taking legitimate voters off the voter rolls.

    WWII Vet Caught Up in Florida Voter Rolls Purge - Yahoo! News

    You say its to remove dead people.. give me a break. This is nothing more than removing democrats who are still breathing.


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    And again you are wrong my small minded liberal friend. Voting is not a right, it is not listed in the constitution as a right, and in Bush v. Gore the Supreme court stated explicitly so that there is "no federal constitutional right to vote". Voting is a privilege just like driving, one that I feel is far too easy to exercise.
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    You are correct. I am wrong. Now who do YOU think should have the privilege? White, male, landowners just like in 1776? Go back to original intent? Pretend blacks aren't free or even fully human? The good old days?
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    ........" suppress democratic voters by trickery............."

    They're dead....who's tricking who ???
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    To vote, you must be a citizen of the U.S.A.
    You must be a certain age
    Put a bag over your head, we don't care what color you are
    Bind your boobs tight, we don't care what sex you are.
    You must be alive.
    You cannot be a felon.
    You cannot be acquainted with any Canadians!!
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    How'd I guess you would go there in your next post? Honestly anyone who accepts any kind of welfare based assistance should have to forfeit their voting privileges. If someone is on Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, WIC, TANF, or any other similar program their voting privileges need to be suspended until they are self sufficient and knows what it means to pay taxes.
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    I might go along with that except my hubby found where the medicare folks were counted as were the social security receivers even though we paid into it all our working lives. That would mean that over 65's couldn't vote.

    He found it on a gov't site and under welfare there was no separation....
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    Was the WWII vet dead moreluck??


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    That, sir, is pathetic. But go on. why?
  20. bbsam

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    Ah. Once it hits home, you jump off the crazy train.