W.H. Christmas Tree

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    White House Christmas Tree

    We have a friend at church who is a very talented artist. For
    several years she, among many others, has painted ornaments to be hung
    on the various White House Christmas trees. The White House sends out an
    invitation to send an ornament and informs the artists of the theme for
    the year.
    She got her letter from the White House recently. It said that they
    would not be called Christmas trees this year. They will be called
    Holiday trees. And, to please not send any ornaments painted with a
    religious theme.

    She was very upset at this development and sent back a reply
    telling them that she painted the ornaments for Christmas trees and
    would not be sending any for display that left Christ out of Christmas.

    Just thought you should know what the new residents in the White House
    plan for the future of America . If you missed his statement that "we
    do not consider ourselves a Christian Nation" this should confirm that
    he plans to take us away from our religious foundation as quickly as

    (I checked Snopes & couldn't find anything)
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    OH NO! He's being incorrigible again!!!!!


    It just takes the "RIGHT" woman to bring it out!
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    It doesn't give any names or cite any references, so I seriously doubt that it's for real.
    As far as the US not being a christian nation, that's always been been true. Christianity is the dominant religion among the population, but the founding fathers were pretty clear that they did not intend for the US to be a theocracy.
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    I think they should call it the Sol Invictus tree, or the Saturnalia tree or even the Mithras tree.

    Then again we could just ask Horus and Set how we should do things relating to their worship and be done with it!

    Why do we fret so when someone decides to make changes to a mythology anyway?

    I'm still waiting for them to paint the White House black as I'll volunteer for the job at no pay and even bring my own paint!

    Of course I'll demand to leave my personal seal as my signature.



    Dominate religous thought among many founding fathers?
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    Festivus for the rest of us!
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