W2s are up


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So when you say it's up, you mean on the ADP website, not in the mail? Not that I'm getting a "refund" anyways because I set my allowances correctly...


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No more allowances for 2020. Good luck guys.
I believe what you set it at will be in place until you try to change it again.

there’s basically three levels (single, head of household, and married). And within those three, you can check mark one of the boxes for a different level of withholding. So we pretty much went from 0-10, or 11 tiers, to now having six.

No more setting your allowances to 9 right before peak.

easiest thing to do is check out the wage bracket chart and see how the new method compares to the old.


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People making 80k+ year worried about a tax return about as laughable as guys making 20k+ worries about a tax return.

I’m worried more about paying $15 afl for a beer when mine run out.