Wage Att 1?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by DonkeyKong64, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. DonkeyKong64

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    Hello everyone,

    I work on the local sort shift and for the past couple of weeks I have been working 3+ days on the preload shift as well for overtime since every shift has been shorthanded this summer. After noticing that my past two paychecks are a bit lighter than I thought they should be I finally decided to take a look and I noticed something amongst my Deductions and union dues called "wage att 1" that actually took the entire difference from my overtime pay to my normal pay out of my check.

    Is this a normal thing or should I be getting ahold of a union steward on my shift to file a complaint?
  2. MattM

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    Wage garnishment it would appear. Child support or another form of repayment.

    Have you been sued lately or owe $$ to someone?
  3. DonkeyKong64

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    As far as I know....no. lol

    Is there a way to check where this money is going?
  4. Box Ox

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    Ask your center manager to submit a pay inquiry and find out what specifically is going on with that.
  5. BrownMonk

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    If it isn't something like initiation, it has to be a garnishment. I have seen the company get the wrong employee and that person had to go to their manager and ask them to do a payroll inquiry to find out what it was. The people ended up getting their money back and the right person got hit with the deduction.
  6. DonkeyKong64

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    Thank you very much everyone
  7. Brown Biscuit

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    Garnishment for sure. I was dealing with that my full first year of driving. First came Wage Att 1, then Wage Att 2 popped up a couple weeks later. Paid one off, Wage Att 3 popped up a couple weeks after that.
    Finally got it all finished lol :batman2: good luck man.
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    Ever think about just paying your bills like everybody else?
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  9. Brown Biscuit

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    Yeah I considered it quite often however didn’t have a good job or thousands of dollars to pay off said bills. It’s handled now that’s really all that matters.
  10. cachmeifucan

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    As far as you know lol makes me think you probably owe don't quit now man up someone has a wage garnishment for sure you better hope it's only a bill and not a child
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