Wages in TX?

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    How much do package car drivers get paid now an wages over the next 5 years, in San Antonio TX
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  3. rod

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    Just ask a Texan--- everything is bigger in Texas----------------------except the paycheck:peaceful:
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    Hey now I resemble that remark.:wink2: God Bless Texas
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    Full time driver; $28.54 for the first 40hrs,
    add ten hours of overtime at 1 1/2 time to that base pay rate.
    Rod, everything is just not bigger in Texas, just better.:peaceful::happy-very::happy-very:
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    Copy that Sat.:clap:
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    This will be fun in the morning after TRPL wades in. LOL
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    And according to contract a possible triple time for over 9.5s (see stipulations )[​IMG]
    Sat said it, I believe it and that settles it.

    From the supplement for the souther states:
    The rate in effect on July 31, 2002 2008, will be used as the
    base rate to calculate the progression rate for the life of this
    Agreement. Full-time employees, who have completed their
    wage progression, will receive the following general wage
    8/1/2008 - $0.35 2/1/2009 - $0.35
    8/1/2009 - $0.375 2/1/2010 - $0.375
    8/1/2010 - $0.375 2/1/2011 - $0.375
    8/1/2011 - $0.425 2/1/2012 - $0.425
    8/1/2012 - $0.475 2/1/2013 - $0.475
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