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I am a new UPS Driver, Hired as a seasonal then if all goes well I will go on as the low seniority driver (we dont have a hub anywhere close and no pre-loaders). Anyway to my point, I have looked up the contract here on the website on the wages, it looks like wages top out currently at like 22 an hour (the exact figure escapes me right now) but I always see this $28 an hour figure thrown around alot. Am I missing something here? Am I looking at the contract wrong or what?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


You are probably looking in the current National Master Contract located here:
It contains concessionary wage rates that the Teamsters have negotiated for various job categories. The non-concessionary "Top Rate" for package car drivers is listed in the various regional supplements. It's $28.14 here in the New England Supplement. (I've added-in the 12-cent Cost of Living raise we got in 2006.)

You can download your proposed Western Supplement here:
Unfortunately, only the paragraphs with changes are listed, so you may have to find an actual hard copy of the full Western Supplement to look up the wage scale. The rate only varies by a few cents from region to region though.