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    People ship everything/anything/and things that make you think twice about. Even scratch your head and wonder what where they thinking? That being said, what is the strangest thing you've ever seen being shipped through. Whether you loaded it/unloaded it, or had the pleasure of having it in your package car?

    For me, when I first started during the christmas peak season (yay lucky me lol). Someone shipped a christmas tree, it was a real tree, that said please water me, on the box. 7ft long, it was outrageously huge, and of course it was going to my smallest car. Only makes since right haha.

    That and the other stranges things I've seen is...live crickets/yes in a see through container, and live tropical fish. Makes you think. [no wonder gold fish never live to be longer than 3weeks long. lol]
  2. rod

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    2 styrofoam coolers with about dead 50 rattlesnakes in each one going to a taxidermist. I knew this because one broke open in my truck.
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    I deliver the NDA for PetSmart so crickets/lizards are no big deal. I have delivered dead cats to the local college biology lab and canisters of bull semen to local farmers. I picked up a dead dog being sent out to be preserved--I had to call the center on that to make sure it was OK--for which the owner was going to pay $700.
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    when i loaded trailers we had one of those bad boys (r2d2 shaped canister of homogenized whole bull semen) bust open in a trailer. it was pink looking and i think it mixed with the dry ice or something in the canister because it was smoking...yeah girl!
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    I used to kid with one of the farmers that they would hand the bull a Penthouse and send him behind the barn...
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    To my knowledge they have a secondary container inside. Anyone else ever wonder why those containers are mushroom shaped?

    Anyways, related to the bugs thing, years ago I was unloading an air can and a box of ladybugs had broken open sometime in transit so every box I pulled out had ladybugs on it. I always wondered how many of them made it to the sorter halfway across the building.

    I've seen many a strange thing, but I just can't think of any at the moment other than the whole, who ships a single broom or shovel bit. And the brave people who ship a single piece of half inch molding some 5 feet long in a plastic bag.
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    Human tissue for transplant