Wall Street Loves Socialism!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Sep 18, 2008.

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    Wall Street Loves Socialism!
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    This video from CNBC and an interview with Paul McCulley, managing director with Pimco speaks volume and pay careful attention at the end when the female on the set got it right by calling it what it is:


    Let's see, people can't pay mortgages and now we get a complete bailout of the banking and investment industry to protect their bottomline. Or to take a conspiracy angle that drives Tieguy nuts, well now have 80% of all money consolidated into a hand full of banks. Who needs Robber Barons right when public policy makes better monopolies?

    So we set a precedence here of when gov't steps in.

    EXCUSE Me! EXCUSE Me! Calling all Democrats. May I have your attention please!

    You've been wanting a federalized healthcare plan so here's how to get it. Model yourself after the banking/investment crisis and it's a done deal. The legal framework is now in place and if they balk, claim equal protection priviledge under the 14th amendment. Also you can abuse the commerce clause as they have and that will grant you more leverage not to mention rolling out hordes of victims like we've seen today in this economic crisis. Oooo, wait a minute, scratch that. The only hordes of victims have been money managers and bank officials so that wouldn't play well.

    Hey, you could use corp. CEO's and show how making the taxpayer responsible for healthcare costs are good for the corp. bottomline ala General Motors and Hillarycare! You might even get AV on board with that since he's all about doing corp. welfare stuff.

    You democrats never realized what a Godsend Wall Street really would be to your cause now did you. Thank God for Corp. welfare right!