Walmart Sabotage? Maybe Union Workers Should Boycott Walmart?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by big_arrow_up, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Overpaid Union Thug

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    With the recent talk of Walmart supposedly trying to steer people away from UPS simply because of it being a unionized company maybe it would be a good idea for all union employes (every union no matter what the employer) to come together and agree not to shop at Walmart. We should do this only in the event that we lose Walmart. I'm all for competition but to drop the best shipping company based on a personal beef with unions is wrong. And if they are going to try and convince other customers to switch based on the same reason then they would definitely deserve to lose the millions of dollars in business that union members pump into Walmart on a daily basis.

    I can take losing a customer based on price or performance (its usually because of the first one) because we can always win them back later based on one or both of those reasons but to be a victim of this kind of dirty business pisses me off. If Walmart's treats their employees well and they don't want a union then they have nothing to worry about right? So, why try and sabotage other companies business?

    My family shops at Walmart almost every week. I've always liked the stores. They have almost everything I could want there but occasionally I get fed up with the crowds and will go elsewhere. Hearing about Walmart's dirty tactics make me not want to shop there at all. Could a union worker boycott put a dent in their profits and send them a message.
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    This teamster is not a Walmart shopper. I refuse to go in that store unless I absolutely have to. This store has ruined this country and will continue to do so at a grand scale. Small business cannot compete and are forcing small business to close up. They can kiss my arse for bashing UPS. We all know we are better then FEDEX GROUND without question so this is complete nonsense that Walmart believes FEDX is better.......

    I hope many Teamsters refuse going to this store as well! Shop where we are welcome.

    Walmart doesn't like UNIONS so spend your money else where

    They have a choice and so do we!
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    fikinnn cant get 100 people at a union meeting your gonna boycott wallmart 4oo billion dollar corp.
  4. grgrcr88

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    I would be tickled pink if we has 100 at a general membership meeting!!!!!!!!!

    As for Wal-Mart our local has strongly discouraged its members from shopping there for a long time.
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    :dissapointed:I have not set foot in Wall Mart in years because of their anti-union policies.I have encouraged my fellow workers and family members to shop elsewhere.I cannot stop my mother-in-law from going there though. She is a retired union garment worker and I have had numerous good natured arguments with her,but she loves the bargains and spends a couple of hours there each week. Maybe the greeter is a nice looking older gentleman.
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    teamsters don't shop at walmart!
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    Wal-Mart...your source for cheap plastic crap.

    I refuse to shop there for any reason. If I cant find it anywhere else, I do without it.
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    I cant believe any teamster would shop there.
    BTW Rep politicians are anti-union also. You can boycott them too.
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    I feel the same way. I have not set foot in a wal-mart in years. I have recently added Whole Foods(CEO said unions are like a case of Herpes) and the Home Depot to the companies that I will not shop.

    Does someone have a list of companies that are Pro Union, probably a very short list, or at least not so anti-union?
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    I never shopped at Walmart, except for once, when it was cold outside, and I took my lunch break in thier parking lot... I bought a brown sweater for $10.00, to go with my uniform, and to keep me warm.
    But, other then that.. on another thread, I told I rather pay $6.00 for pototoes then $2.00 at Wallmart. I just hate that store, always have. I can't believe they actually have people working there.
    Since all I hear is how badly they treat them, and all thier lawsuits.

    I shop at union stores, and buy union made products as much as I can.

    For example, I only shop at Safeway.. they have a great union.
    They pay double time for OT... treat thier employees great.
    And excellent customer service (workers are happy there).
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    I also hate my local walmart because they force us to park behind the store to deliver the front businesses. If we try to park any closer we get a instant visit from the local fire marshall. They must have that guy on speed dial! The manager will not budge because he says that " all vendors must park around back". Baloney!
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    Can't think of any pro union companies but San Francisco is a pro union city. Come visit and spend your hard earnred union money here in one of the most beautiful US cities. October is the perfect time of year to come. Right now the Presidents Cup is happening and it's Fleet Week
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    I'm glad we don't have any of those stores around here. The last thing we need is corporate terrorism chasing out all the independent business owners.
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    I do not shop at Walmart or Sam's. Target and Costco are much cleaner and better organized stores.

    I think Costco employees are union in some areas.
  17. Raw

    Raw Raw Member one mentioned Walmart quit honoring our prescription card years ago.
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    I never do Costco.....I find that I really don't need a 4 lb. bag of M&M's with peanuts !!!:wink2:
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    But..but...but.... Wal-Mart has an awesome fishing, hunting, and camping department!
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