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    Hi, I am currently applying to be a driver at UPS. There are a few things about the job that I really want to know.

    What time do drivers get to the office in the morning, and then what time do they start driving?
    -Are these times universal throughout the country or do they vary by office?

    Another time related question, what time does your shift generally end? I know there is "no answer" for this question, but say you were to take 50 days of working during the summer, how many of them would you finish between 4-5pm, 5-6pm, and 6-7pm, what is the percentage for each of these end times?

    How much contact is made between the driver and the office during the driving hours? Are supervisors constantly contacting you throughout the day, or are the calls rather infrequent?

    These are a just a few questions I had in mind and am hoping some of you could help fill me in.

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    All the info you need is on here youngblood, check the forums and youll find all you need, good luck.
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    When they get there, after they get there,vary,0,0,100%, as little as possible,infrequent.
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    I get to work about 835. Start at 840. Off by 7 pm on a good day. They send a message at about 3:30 wanting to know what time I will be in. That pretty much sums up my day. You may get off a little earlier, but never make plans during the week assuming you will be off by 7 or 730. I think mgmt is psychic when it comes to this and will not hesitate to drop kick you with an 11 hr day.

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    you will work your arse off, the end
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    As jumpman says those are the days I kick em in the nutz.

    Call the wife and say not today. Daddy is bringing home the bacon not eatin it. Turn that 11 into 12.5-13.
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    1. start time

    this is different all over the country. I'll guess that it's somewhere between 8:30 and 9:15. You are on road anywhere from 5 minutes after start up till 30 minutes or more if they are still loading trucks.

    2. finish time

    My average is 9 hours of overtime per week. so that's almost 10 hours every day. I generally finish after 7 and home around 8.

    3. contact with management

    almost zero. i can go weeks or months without talking to a management person. probably get 5-10 text messages a day on the DIAD (our hand held computer)
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    it sucks, hard work, did I mention it sucks, the pay is good
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    It is what you make of it, such as with life!
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    I think the members above have covered your questions pretty well but things differ greatly at UPS so I'll answer your questions from my perspective.

    - We typically start at O850, lately it's been O830 on Mondays.

    - I usually get over 5O hours a week so I'm typically in by 1945-2OOO... but my center has been on this 2OOO curfew fix for a few weeks now.

    - Management varies from person to person. I typically see my sup for less than five minutes in the morning. After that they (center manager mostly) will riddle me with ridiculous messages for which there is no correct response for. (Think arguing with a woman)

    - Few things... Don't get your hopes up, odds are good UPS will treat you like :censored2: up until Dec. 26th and drop you like a hot potato. IMHO this isn't a job for a family man. Had I known then what I know now I would have found work elsewhere.
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    4-5PM.....lol :balloon: