Ware2Go Launches Suite Of Supply Chain Optimization Tools


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  • Demand Forecasting; Warehouse Network Optimization; Inventory Level Optimization; and Service-Level Performance Insights
  • Reduce delivery times and transportation costs
  • Improve order and inventory forecasting to decrease carrying costs and stock-outs

Ware2Go, a nationwide on-demand fulfillment platform specializing in scalable capacity, fast delivery, easy onboarding and superior customer service, today announced a new suite of supply chain optimization tools to help merchants of all sizes become more efficient and reach new customers.

The self-service integrated toolset helps businesses improve their demand forecasts, identify optimal inventory levels and quantify the overall value of strategically distributing inventory close to end users.

  • Demand Forecasting: Combines macroeconomic factors with seasonal trends and historical sales data to more accurately project order volumes.
  • Warehouse Network Optimization: Identifies optimal warehouse placements based on historical and projected customer demand in order to improve shipping speeds while reducing transportation costs.
  • Inventory Level Optimization: Prescribes inventory distribution across warehouse locations and sets optimal reorder points in order to minimize inventory costs and reduce stock-outs.
  • Service-Level Performance Insights: Improves decision making with easy access to critical info such as real-time inventory levels, SKU velocity, order trends, fulfillment accuracy and delivery speed.
The suite of tools augments Ware2Go’s flexible fulfillment network and enables businesses to analyze and execute warehousing and inventory management strategies to win new customers with more competitive fulfillment speeds while also managing costs.

“We are leveling the playing field by providing businesses of all sizes visibility and operational insights to guide decisions and optimize their supply chains,” said Patrick Cadic, VP of Sales & Marketing for Ware2Go. “By putting our customers in control of their fulfillment processes, we’re helping them improve their distribution networks, compete at scale and grow their businesses.”

As customer expectations for quick delivery continue to rise, small business owners must adopt faster, more complex fulfillment processes while retaining inventory visibility and managing costs. Ware2Go’s new data and analytics capabilities enable such customers to manage inventory and order fulfillment more effectively with less time and effort. They are able to access tools and operational capabilities comparable with those of much larger companies.

Larger businesses like motorcycle accessories manufacturer LS2 Helmets U.S. also benefit. The company struggled to get products from its Illinois warehouse to west coast customers to meet 1-2 day delivery expectations. LS2 leveraged Ware2Go to identify and relocate a subset of their SKUs which helped them improve delivery speed for key items while achieving a lower total cost than alternatives.

“We wanted to give our brick-and-mortar, retail motorcycle dealers the ability to compete against online retailers with their two-day shipping,” said Phil Ammendolia, CEO of LS2 Helmets U.S. “The savings in inbound freight alone dramatically offset the overall costs of using a third-party warehouse. This is proving to be a true ‘win-win’ partnership.”