Waspinator update


I posted on an earlier thread that we have had horrible wasp problems every year and we tried out a new product called "the waspinator" http://waspinator.com/
Its basically a phony nest that makes them think that the place they are seeking to nest in has already been taken by other wasps and they move on to other locations.
To our surprise IT WORKS!
We hung one under our back deck and that worked well,
but they were starting to build new ones under the boards
at the top of the deck.I decided that instead of buying more of these things,I`d be creative and make my own.
I went to our local thrift store and bought a pair of 2 tone grey pajama bottoms and cut the legs off about 10 inches
above the bottom cuff.I cut a small slit in the bottom hem
and threaded a piece of twine through the circumference,
and pulled it tight so it resembles a nest.I filled it with some
left over material from the pj's and tied off the tops.In my opinion they look more realistic than the waspinator we bought, as mine were much smaller and similar to the size of nests they have been building the last few years.Two weeks have gone by and the little mother's are staying away in swarms!We can sit outside and sip our drinks and read now in peace.The odd wasp flies by but they dont stay.
So if you have the same problem give this a try, it works !!!!!