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    Not really a layoff question but it would i guess fit under that the best. Our center has 21 full time drivers for 16 regular routes.I am number 21, well this week we have one person on vacation so effectively 20 drivers for 16 routes. So i called my center manager friday and asked if i could work Preload and local sort this week, and he said yes. Well our preload starts at 445 and ends around 9ish. Well our local sort begins at 1730 and ends at 745 when the feeder pulls. Everyone goes home at around 2015. When asked if i could also leave the PT sup said no you have to stay until 2115. I had no problem with this and asked her what she needs me to do, and she said nothing, that i just had to stay till 2115. I don't understand why they would make me just sit there. Are they thinking they are actually spending their money more wisely by me just sitting there?
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    I don't have my contract handy, but this sounds like it might be related to your full-time position and meeting a required number of hours, even on a split shift.
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    As a full timer you are guaranteed 8 hours, yes? If you were allowed to clock out at 7 hours your manager would get a reaming. I'm surprised they didn't have you sweep floors, sweep out trailors, or any other mundane task, to insure you were working those entire 8 hours.
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    There weren't four drivers that wanted a day off? There is always more than enough wanting off here. Doesn't matter though because we've started using TCDs again in my center. Volume is up again.