Waving goodbye to Obama's favorite republican. Adios Dick Lugar!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by brett636, May 9, 2012.

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    Mourdock Ousts Lugar In GOP Senate Primary - Politics News Story - WRTV Indianapolis

    Proving yet once again the tea party is a force to be reckoned with RINO Dick Lugar is the latest politician to fall to a more conservative candidate. Being born and raised in Indiana I have always known Dick Lugar as my senator, but looking over his voting record time and time again it was clear the R next to his name was really just there for looks. Voting to support the assault weapons ban as well as supporting legislation to reinstate said ban, voting for all the bailouts, and supporting liberal supreme court justices are just a few examples of Lugar's RINO status. He is being heralded as a great bi partisan compromiser who always seemed to compromise his supposed conservative values, but didn't ask the other side to compromise theirs. Personally I believe 36 years is too long for one person to hold such an office, and Lugar is a testament to why mandated term limits are necessary. His time as a Senator ends this year and its time the torch get passed onto a more conservative successor who dares not take the title of "Obama's favorite republican".
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    Term Limits For All !!!!!
    No more characters like Rangel, Pelosi, Reid, etc!!
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    OR Boehner, Ryan, Delay, Mckeon, DUke Cunningham, sessions, McConnell, Grassley etc etc etc...

    Sounds like a great idea!


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    I agree with both of you. We should have term limits. Total service in office at US Govt limit should be something like 12 total years. (2 terms for senator, 6 for representatives) as a max. And that total years is still true if a person is a rep for 6 years he\she can only be a senator for one term. Personally, I'd be fine with a lower limit too (6 years).

    Also, once you serve in office, then you should be ineligible to be a lobbyist, or to serve in the cabinet or other federal jobs in the future. Serve your country then go back to private sector.
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    I don't think Boehner is over 65. (born in '49)

    Everyone over 68 needs to go tomorrow. We need a few at 65 for handling and relating to the retiring seniors out there.
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    Waving goodbye to Obama's favorite republican. Audios Dick Lugar!

    Term limits for everyone would do wonders. All anyone is worried about is getting reelected.
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    Instead of asking about Lugar, I'd be asking about your fellow citizen voters who actually voted for this guy for the last 36 years. Seems to me the problem starts there!
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    Your point is moot as those citizens just voted this 36 year Senator out of office. I will say that name recognition, familiarity, and running unopposed in general elections will go a long way to ensure someone such as Lugar can hang around for as long as he did.
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    Money brett, money keeps a person like LUGAR around. Too bad this time, the establishment abandoned him and fed him to the radicals of the party. I say GREAT! Let the GOP eat themselves. Show the country that the party of NO wants to go further to the right instead of the center.

    Great for democrats!


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    A lot of your fellow democrats would disagree as many of them were stumping for Lugar. In fact Lugar was trying to appeal to democrats to cross party lines and vote for him because he knew the conservatives of this state were sick of him. Now the democrats face the good possibility of another tea party conservative in the Senate, and that is not good for democrats no matter how you spin it.