Way to poke the bear Fat Freddy


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Well this certainly won't help trade tensions and stock pricing. The biggest take from all this is ".... FedEx apologizes..." something they aren't accustomed to doing ever.

China launches investigation into FedEx after Huawei packages diverted
I can't help but think that Fat Freddy and other carriers with heavy Europe and Asia exposure are worried that they might find themselves caught in the middle of an escalating trade war that could cost him and other international transports billions in losses not only in volume but in material assets being seized by increasingly hostile governments as well as the loss of landing rights and ocean going shipping ports.
This in turn might help to explain why he's putting the hammer on Ground as his best chance to prepare in advance for huge losses in off shore markets.


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This could have huge implications on the plans for the future, ie legal costs not to mention loss of investment in those areas. You're right he will be piling on the Ground system before it's even ready to absorb it. He will also make certain he takes more control over the model. I predict big cracks in the foundation, but of course they will survive it only to screw up again somewhere