We Love Financing Our Enemies

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    And yet we refuse or have the courage to discuss it!

    Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know

    Instead of financing bothsides of a war and losing our own young men and women, I vote we gather all the politicians, all the Washington bureaurats, policy wonks, lobbyist, think tankers, etc. put them all on some far away distant island with no means of getting off, armed them all to the teeth and tell them that whoever wins can rule the island.

    I think then we could actually get a whole lot more good done here at home by the larger majority of folks in this next truism.

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    my my you are fired up today.:happy-very:
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    Obviously. Obama raised a lot of money for his campaign.
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    I guess it might make some people happy if I pointed out that the Clinton Adminstration played footsy with the Taliban but then this would leave other distressed. I hate to leave folks distressed so maybe it would cheer them up if I pointed out that the Baby Bush Adminstration had a toe in the water too!


    Seems like others had them over for a visit.


    I wonder how the competition between Unocal and Bridas play into all of this? And then to think Unocal brought them Tally-bans to Texas to haggle. Makes you wonder who else had a horse tied up at that hitchen post!

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    I bet ronnie could not wait to get them out of the white house.:happy-very:
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    1980's US Gov't via State Department aiding Pakistan in obtaining nuclear technology.

    1985: Arrest of Pakistan Proliferator Endangers Program of US Aid to Mujaheddin

    After August 1985-1990: Reagan and Bush Administrations Fail to Properly Brief Congressmen about Pakistan Nuclear Program

    1987-1989: US Continues to Certify Pakistan Does Not Have Nuclear Weapon, Despite Intelligence that It Does

    1986: CIA Analyst Realizes State Department Is Protecting Pakistani Nuclear Proliferators by Not Sharing Intelligence

    1986: CIA Analyst Finds State Department Officials Are Approving Export of US Equipment for Pakistan Nuclear Program

    US Gov't helping and Aiding Islamic Extremists

    1973-1979: US Starts to Provide Support to Islamists Opposing the Soviets in Afghanistan

    May 1979: CIA Begins Working with Hekmatyar and Other Mujaheddin Leaders Chosen by ISI

    Early 1980: Osama Bin Laden, with Saudi Backing, Supports Afghan Rebels

    1980s: Much US and Saudi Aid Meant for Afghan Fighters Goes to ISI and A. Q. Khan Network

    1982-1989: US Turns Blind Eye to BCCI and Pakistani Government Involvement in Heroin Trade

    1983-1987: CIA Assets in Afghanistan Push Agency’s Interests within ISI

    The Bin Laden ties to CIA via the ISI

    1984: Bin Laden Develops Ties with Pakistani ISI and Afghan Warlord

    October 1984: CIA Director Secretly Visits Afghan Training Camps; He Urges Spread of Violence into Soviet Union

    Mid-1980s: Pakistani ISI and CIA Gain from Drug Production

    Early 1986: CIA Aware of Bin Laden’s Activities in Pakistan; Knows He Is ‘Tapping into’ CIA-Backed Operation

    Late 1980s: Bin Laden, CIA, and ISI Train Core of Future Philippines Militant Group

    April 10, 1988: Munitions Explosion Hides Evidence US Aid to Mujaheddin Is Really Funding A. Q. Khan’s Nuclear Program

    Spring 1989: ISI and Bin Laden Allegedly Plot to Kill Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto

    May 1992-Spring 1993: ISI Helps Ramzi Yousef Travel, Then Helps Him Avoid Capture

    Our Enemy Created for us.

    Vital intelligence on the Taliban may rest with its prime sponsor – Pakistan’s ISI

    Pakistan's ISI Has Links to Al Qaeda

    Pakistan's ISI problem

    CIA-ISI Created “Al Qaeda Network”

    Tip of the iceberg!
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    Taliban's Tank-Killing Bombs Came From CIA, Not Iran

    So who needs enemies when we just kill our own but at least our 401k plans will go up in value with the Military Industrial Complex mutual fund holdings.


    And they call the other welfare theft because it's extracted by complusion and force at the point of a gun!