'We were just the hands that God used'; Nurses save UPS driver in cardiac arrest


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'We were just the hands that God used'; Nurses save UPS driver in cardiac arrest - WSET

Brandi Creasy, a registered nurse with Centra Health, said nothing was going right Wednesday evening because her child was sick, she missed church, her gas light turned on, she pulled over and then things turned around.

"Something was pulling on my heart and I felt like the lord was telling me to turn around," she said.

A UPS truck was stopped, in the middle of Somerset Drive in Forest.

Creasy said the driver was unresponsive and physically blue, so she started giving him CPR while he was sitting up in the driver's seat.


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This is one of many stories of a nurse being in the right spot at the right time.

A friend got in an accident on his bike. The ambulance attendants kept saying, "he's dead, he's dead". A nurse, who typically didn't take that route to work, stayed with my friend until he was safe in an ICU. She missed work that day...

I don't know if you believe in angels...
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Well, I'm 37 now and I used to be religious when I was younger. Getting older is what changed my religious beliefs (I have none). That being said, I don't want to turn this into a religious debate, as I respect other people's beliefs. We do hear stories about people getting lucky and someone being in the right place at the right time. But we also hear the opposite, just not as often.


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Sometimes angels appear in human form.
As you age your scope will widen, your beliefs and values will change and you'll realize the world isn't always "instant gratification".
Hebrews 13:2 - Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Glory to God. His love and mercy extends to all of you in the form of his Son Jesus.