Well, I think my time here is ending.

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    7 months in, and I think I've had my fill and intend on finding a full time job elsewhere (Possibly Zappos). I've been through everything you possibly could imagine as a loader. Our old crew leaving, new hires who have both stayed and left with just a few employees left who were here when I started. Countless part time supervisors out of which 1 or 2 was a valuable asset to the belt while the rest either don't know how to run the belt, or they know how to run it into the ground. Going from a decent, steady flow night to the mess of packages that we have to swim through to break the jams or go into another truck that looks like the same mess, all night, until our now "standard" of 10 o clock down times if we are lucky. I'm not giving up, but more of just letting go I guess? I've accepted the monster I've experienced this company become, but knowing that I could get a full time job that will pay the bills with several lunch breaks and a 3 day weekend, and being home at night with my family, for some reason just seems like something that can finally put this stressful job to rest. Now will Zappos have some of the same issues? Possibly, sure. But will it be a step in the right direction while I go and finish school? I would like to think so.
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    7 months can feel like 7 years at UPS, but it isn't, sorry you couldn't make it longer. You were just starting to get the attitude that most employees have now, they just go through the motions with little caring.
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    If you don't see yourself becoming a driver/or part time/full time supervisor (at all), I would say yes go with the other job. That pays the bills, and you get to do more things with your life. Then again, if you like good vacation and benefits, seeing as you're 7months in. You only have 5 more months to go. Before the 'practically free health care kicks in'. With 2weeks of vacation (That is if they haven't changed it recently).

    Anyway, I say follow your heart, if you want to go full time at a different job. Then rock out, and go for it. =D. I wish you the very best of luck in what ever your decision may be.

    PS: Who doesn't want to enjoy their christmas again!?!?! lol.
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    Asininse, your post puts it as well as I've ever heard it. You are not "giving up" you did not "not make it". You see it for what it is and realize it's not the type of position you want to be thrown into every day. And it will always be chaotic, senseless and thankless. The benefits are great and those of us who have been with it for many, many years have lots to lose. You can still make the escape and I wish you the very best.

    Again, your careful choice of wording shows a lot about the type of person you are. You have lots and lots to offer - much more than slinging cardboard.
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    As a part time lurker to this forum, it seems like these goodbye threads have been on the rise. Hmmm, I wonder why?
    BTW, I would be a full time lurker, but there's about 17 people here with more seniority then me and it doesn't seem like
    they'll be going full time lurking any time soon.
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    Hopefully you stick around the BC and allow us to receive coupon codes from your employee "friends and family" benefit. It's 30% off so please share ;)
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    Just remember no matter where you work there are going to be problems and issues to deal with its how you deal with the problem that either make you or break you.

    If you do leave good luck on your new job.
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    All the best to you in whatever you ultimately do. I would like to share my own experience for whatever its worth: I started as a preloader and was quite content at first, but then, after what happened to be about 8 months, things started getting ugly. There was a heavy handed push for higher productivity, any morale went down the toilet, we had operational problems similar to what you described at the start of the thread, and every day I looked forward to going home, grabbing the newspaper, and looking through the jobs section. I did find another job around the same time our area got a new F/T sup. It was getting close to my one year anniversary at UPS so I wnted to do both jobs temporarily, which the schedule allowed, so I could get my vacation pay from UPS. I have been very grateful that I did not walk away from UPS, because this other job, in short, was definitely not a good fit, and I realized that after about a week at the new place. Meanwhile at UPS, things began to change for the better under the leadership of this new F/T sup, who I have come to view as one of the best bosses I have ever worked under. The rest, as they say, is history... Different supervisors and managers have come and gone. Some have been better than others, and before I judge any of them, I try to remind myself that I have also been an imperfect employee... During another, again difficult time at UPS as a preloader, I began to explore the option of air driving. That is something I got into and have been doing very happily for a number of years now. I am a firm believer in Providentail guidance, and that things, both good and bad, happen for a purpose. Again, all the very best to you, Asinine.
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    i dont blame you, this company does everything in their power to make you miserable . they work on numbers but the management never want to do anything to help. as soon as you suggest anything, you are a trouble maker. its not a job i would ever reccomend, not even to my worse enemy..
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    Thanks everyone for the positive post, and sorry it's been awhile since I've responded as things have been a bit hectic from day to day and don't really have as much time to respond. But as an update, I've already put in my application and resume in, and as of right now, just playing the waiting game. As some of you mentioned, if I do get this job, I don't think I know what I'm going to do with everything I have missed in the past 7 months such as having time for the family and the girlfriend, and just more free time in a way, in general lol. This job with certainly pay the bills once I get a raise unlike part time here, not to mention even during peak, I will be getting 2 days off a week instead of 1 here. I know the long term investment may be a bit better here than there, and I can accept that, but as of right now I'm a tunnel vision kind of guy and like what I see with the immediate changes. Knowing that I will be getting off (at the latest) is 7 PM on peak, I can get school back in order a lot better and get my qualifications/degree.
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    If your tired after 7 months. Get out!