Well Idk if this is a sign things or looking up or what.

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    Well yesterday I found out that a cover drive that had got hire a few months before me just quit. reason why is still uncertain all I know is my sup said she just finished his final payout and he turned in his uniforms.. what's crazy is he was like #3 to go full time at next round. any way what I'm trying to figure out is where that puts me. I work a full time job and ups is my pt local sort. The guy that quit was pretty much drving everyday guaranteed, so since he is gone would I get asked to step in his place r what. Also do I have to wait until all his paper work goes through before I can start drving like how he was...
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    Depends on if anyone was hired after him or on the same day as him before you were hired.
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    If 3 people were hired after him before you were hired, you are number #6. If none, then you are #2.
  4. you aint even know it

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    I swear I don't understand how someone could work at UPS for more than a month and not have a clue how anything works unless:

    A.) They have another job and only here for the benefits

    B.) They are straight up bums.

    For you to take his place depends on so many things: seniority, eligibility, and if your management team decides to replace him or just cut the position.
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    If you are the highest in seniority in your building, have signed the bid, and are qualified, you should be next at a cover driver spot if you were next in line after him.
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    I cant get passed the title of the thread.......
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    well I actually did juat work for benefits, but now that my fulltime is basically a dead end job I'm looking more and more into drving now .
  8. Why don't you ask around locally instead of speculating on this forum that really can't help in this kind of situation?
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    I looked at this thread thinking it was something interested. Instead it is another person who has no clue what is going on at UPS and decides to ask random Internet people instead of someone at their location that may be able to help.