Well, this one is kinda embarrassing

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    Because we have forgotten about the internal customer long ago. Every dept is worried about their own numbers, preload doesn’t want LIB’s or Damages to shown on their report
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    At least this dude is not exaggerating this crap like what I normally see, rightfully angry, rightfully hilarious.

    Google does not treat their youtubers with any amount of respect, that they shipped a cheap plaque with zero padding into a bag is hardly a surprise. They probably knew it would get damaged as they did it.
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    Google didn't bagged it... the black cardboard box was damaged during transit.

    A feedah or it's trailer seems to have ran over it & the ignorant warehouse worker said it was good to go.

    2 UPS bags & a reprinted shipping label was shown to uncover the surprise
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    Lmao. Been there did that. Only it was a NDA envelope and it flew out on the freeway. Oops.
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    Details-Not found.
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    I never saw it before so it is new to me.
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    Just to add my two cents, it is an international package, which can complicate the return process, depending on where it was found damaged. It wasn't necessarily run over, it could have had a 125lb steel die fall on it. It seems to have had a damage report filed, and since it is an award, I would have also forwarded to the receiver, if I were the clerk, so he could make a decision on it.

    As the driver, I would have explained that the package was damaged, and that a damage report had been filed. Then would have offered to wait while he inspected it to determine whether he wanted to keep it or refuse it.

    I once delivered a one of a kind collectible set prop from an old tv show that was shipped in the display case. The case itself was protected, but the item inside was not. It shook around inside the case until it was completely destroyed. I waited while the receiver inspected it, since it was one of a kind he elected to keep it (maybe have it rebuilt, I don't know). The icing on the cake was that it was a COD, so they guy had to give me a check for hundreds of dollars for a completely worthless item. He was super nice about though.
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    Sometimes we wreck stuff in the load. Last week, I saw how the belts and diverters destroys things. it is amazing that we deliver anything that is not damaged.
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    What still shocks me is that they send down live crickets down the belt, while there are still heavy boxes of paper and metal industrial :censored2:. There's been times my boxes of crickets have one missing cube full of them.
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    "What'd ya bring us this time, United Package Smasher?!" - Anonymous Customer
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    I know! Vertical video is the absolute worst.
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    Never saw this one before, but I've also never seen a box with an intact label put inside a couple bags with a new label on the outer bag. Everyone at my location would have pulled(cut) the label off the original box and taped it to the new packaging. Or they'd have pulled the old label off and had a new one printed.

    Regardless for something like that the packaging might have been fine, but Google definitely skimped on it, a thin layer of foam probably only on top, and no secondary packaging.

    Within the past few years they replaced some of the unload belts and in doing so had to move the motor housings for the primary sort aisle belts. Now almost daily when I go underneath them, when before the primary sort motors were below the belts and any letters that slipped past the guard went past the motors and into a catch they now go right into the motor housing , I look up and pull mangled letters and such from the small gaps in the cage. One week me and a couple others found 3 checks where each one was over 10 grand. Lots of legal papers are chewed up as well.

    I can't say every box of crickets, we get bees and other insects as well, are usually put down the irreg slides and not sent across the belts and I'll pick them up and put them on the sups desk at the PD they go to so they can be loaded in the trailers in a possibly more safe manner than just if they came down the belt and into the chute of a poorly trained loader.

    I do remember a time about ten years ago where I was in the air unload and upon opening one of the air cans I saw ladybugs crawling all over, and while unloading the whole can there were ladybugs on at least half the packages that then got sent to the sort aisle.

    Also been a couple times we've found hermit crabs trying to make the hub their home, poor souls it's not a hospitable environment for them, after packages with them broke open.