Western Conference: Emails and Text Messages Are Going Around!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, May 3, 2013.

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    Text messages and emails are going around in the Western Conference with hall phone number :censored2:. The message is demanding that members from the west call that number and leave a message with hall secretary telling her how we are getting screwed by his actions out here. My shop stewards have informed us that the this text message was sent out by local officials who have yet to endorse the TA and may even be pushing for a NO vote!
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    Called six times. I only get a busy signal.
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    Very well, that jerk probably changed or disconnected his phone number from the so many calls he's gotten from the West Coast telling him what an :censored2: he is for trying to screw us over. Not one local out West has agreed with hall on this TA!
  4. Coldworld

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    Since nobody has seen the contract what exactly are people out west mad about????
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    The part timers are getting bent over with no lube. No catch up raise for part timers.......and 4 yr progression to make top scale wage once your hired full time.
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    Why don't you post your private phone number so strangers can call you?
  7. It was his office number not a private number.
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    Cheryl is a great moderator
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    Agreed, but the real problem is the same problem that started day 1 in negotiations. Insurance..... period. The Central States Plan is where hall, in a perfect world, would like everyone to end up. The plan is very respectable despite everyones doubt. Their pension plan was in trouble not their health plan. Nevertheless Western States' plan had a few more perks than Central States and they don't want to lose them. While the company wants a settlement before the deadline, they have their TA in the public' eye which buys them more time to try and get other things they want. Things they know they can live without but cant help themselves in their greedy state of mind. The company will force the Union to put a less than favorable agreement to a vote thinking union members will weaken in tough economic times. They've nothing to lose. What will it cost the Union to conduct multiple contract votes if the first is voted down? hall has to get this right the first time and can't afford to get bullied.
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    How can they Vote NO? The Full TA doesn't come out till the 7th? The "details" have changed so many times, and that is just the outline of the details.

    I do agree that what I seen currently, but unofficial, I do NOT like.

    7th People -----
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    Retirees on the West Coast currently pay $50/month for their healthcare. With the current TA they will see that jump to $300/month by the third year. On top of that, if the Western Conference does not create a Western States/Conference Health Fund it defaults and automatically gets put into the Central States Health & Welfare Fund. It looks unlikely that in such short time a Western Conference Heath Fund can be created in such short time.

    The Western Conference Committee last week informed hall that they were not happy with the TA. There off course was disagreement, and its leaked out from several business representatives from several locals that there is a huge possibility the Western Conference will not accept the TA and promote a NO vote.

    hall number I provided at the top of this thread was passed to me by a 30+ year, shop steward in feeder who received the number directly from our business agent.
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    are all the states represented by the western conference on the companies healthcare or does it depend on the local??
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    What the hell is the difference between a catch up raise and a raise ?? PTimers will never see the catch up raise you speak of even if the contract is voted down the first go around. Which will never happen.
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    Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Oh sorry I got carried away. Um, can I ask, what would you like to see as a "catch up" raise and what would you have liked the starting pay to be? Also, last question, how many part timers would you say there are at UPS?
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    And? Who thinks 50 bucks a month health insurance will last forever. Most working people pay that per week.
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    The Western Conference is trying HARD to sell this POS to the members. The goal is to get the part timers to out vote the full timers, even though another year of progression screws them. All new full time package car drivers will LOSE 12000 to 15000 dollars with the additional year of progression. But on the other hand, Local leaders like R.H are saying at the meetings that "he" is fighting for the part timers!

    What a crock.


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    Remember this Brown, UPS will only give the teamsters X amount of dollars to create a new "administrator". With that money, the teamsters have to HIRE actuaries to calculate how much a new plan will cost, and they have to factor in retirees now and in the future. They have LESS members to bring to the table with the insurance companies, and that means HIGHER costs for a plan. Unlike UPS who brought over 200K to the table and purchased a plan, now the western conference will have to do it with less than 80K.

    Secondly, they will have to "deduct" from X amount of dollars, the expense of maintaining the administrators and that takes away from the amount of money needed to buy a new plan. That being said, whatever is left will have to go towards the new plan and if that isnt enough money, then "NEW" revenue has to be found. UPS isnt going to give any more money and the teamster locals in the west surely arent going to chip in, so where will the extra revenue have to come from????

    Your a smart guy, so i know you said "FROM THE UPS TEAMSTERS IN THE WEST".

    This is why the western conference wants 6 months to figure this out. If they were upfront, they would tell us now, but instead, they want to blow smoke up our rear ends and tell us everything is going to be fine and to trust them, but when open enrollment rolls around in november, they will spring out the crappy plans they put together.

    Then, what choice will we have?? The contract by then is signed , sealed and delivered. We have NO recourse at that point. We will have to eat whatever they place in front of us and THEY know it.

    Retirees will be getting screwed the HARDEST in this new contract. $50 bucks in the first year for the employee, $50 bucks more for a spouse, that 100 in year one. Then, it doubles in year two or $200 bucks, then in year three it doubles AGAIN to $400.00 bucks, and if there are any eligible kids involved, the price is even highter.

    THIS IS A RIPOFF for our retirees!

    With record profits, thanks IN PART to the concessions in the last contract ( split wages, additional year of progression, subcontracting ), UPS made out like bandits in the last 8 years, and this time around, the TEAMSTERS want to "ADD" to those profits by further concessions ( another additional year of progression, split wages in years 4 & 5, subcontracting and the elimination of health care ) and they want us to congratulate them in the process.

    Allthough i am NOT a supporter of TDU , and I voted for HOFFA, I can say, that i believe this disastrous contract has only opened the door for TDU to walk through in the upcoming years. This contract will supply anyone running against an encumbent with enough amunition to destroy them.

    Two contracts of concessions. Huge impacts on our retirees. Huge impacts on our partimers. Huge impacts on our full time employees families with inferior health care.

    I cant believe what I am seeing from HOFFA / hall. Its a joke, and that joke is going to be on "US" if we dont reject this agreement and force the teamsters to go back to table, negotiate our health care to stay the same with the same provisions and maintained by the company. They can take that additional year of progression and shove that up the companys rear end as well. They can take care of our retirees and not kick them to the side of the road, and they can come to US for better language on harrassment, 9.5 and route loops.

    If we pass this POS agreement, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.