Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Fund- In the Green!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ups1990, Mar 3, 2011.

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    According to this article, only one Teamster pension fund is in the green. There seems to be a lot of talk on here about pensions and rightly so. We've invested so much of lives and sacrificed much while at UPS. I fall under this Western fund and was somewhat relieved that it was at 89% funding.
    It's frightening to think of what could happen to all of our pensions in the future. My hope is for all pension funds to get resolved, probably easier said than done.
  2. menotyou

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    Upstate NY full time drivers are giving all raises for 2 years to our pension.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would much rather lose a little now to make sure the pension will be there when I retire.
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    With all the layoffs, the reduced hours, and jobs changing constantly, it's one less thing to worry about at work. Thanks for posting 1990.
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    you know what,, i hate everything,, but i gotta say, good for you guys,,we all deserve it but it seems your region is the only one with common sense,, i hope it stays green and you become a model
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    Shhhhhhhh!!!! Delete the post before more people find out we are in the green...... It's just a matter of time before someone tries to get their hands on our money to bail out the other regions....... Im just kidding ( but kinda serious ).
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    Its just you.

    A better analogy would be if you owed $100,000 on your mortgage and had $89,000 in your savings account. If you lost your job today, you could either continue making your mortgage payments for quite awhile, or pay almost all of it off immediately.
  8. rod

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    Central States! --- are you paying attention? There's gold in them thar hills. Wouldn't it just be "American" to take from the rich and give to the poor? While you are at it those bros out east are getting way more a month in pension than us poor peons here in the mid-west. You should jack my 3 grand a month up to 4 and lower their 5 grand a month down to 4 then everyone would be even. Oh woe is me.
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    Ah yes, re-distribution of wealth, the socialistic thing to do.