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    So it looks like I should get a shot at being a peak driver this year. HR told me I would get more hours going to a hub that's just a little further away then the one I applied for. Unfortunately I don't know that area at all. I'm a fast learner but still kinda nervous. I'm guessing management could send me anywhere on any particular day correct? The routes that I do run will I have any training on them? Does the DIAD kind of guide you through it? As long as I have a general idea I will figure it out. Just don't wanna be thrown into the shark tank:knockedout:
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    They should keep you on one route. The supervisor will ride with you for at least a week, maybe more depending on how much training you need. He does most of the work at the beginning and then as the week goes on you do more and more yourself. Towards december you may get a driver helper assigned to your route.
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    You will get used and abused.

    It totally depends on how short handed they are. I've had an on road sup drive 1 day for a route and at other times was tossed out on routes "running blind" cause they were short and didn't have a Sup available to go with and show me. Those are really exciting days were you want to bring an extra pack of smokes.

    Are you an inside employee or are you an outside person being used as seasonal????

    If your an outsider, they might look out for you and be more helpfull.
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    Outside employee....hopefully not forever.
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    If they throw you out there and wether you have area knowledge or not, Make sure you have plenty of maps of the service area your center covers, even if you think you have area knowledge you'll find that you didn't realize all these streets were there in acity you've lived at half your life.

    Keys are:

    Have MAPS

    Also get there EARLY and have a manager print you out a manifest for your route. It will have a paper list of all your stops. Helps a new guy alot. Diad is helpfull but you can only view 8 stops at a time and it's hard to get a big picture scrolling threw the stop list if your a new guy.

    The diad has a trace to run your stops in a certain order but ALOT of routes I've been on don't have a good trace at all except maybe the 1st 20-30 stops. So don't count on it.

    Then again, you might get lucky and have a route with a good trace.

    If you are an outsider, they'll probably try to keep you on a Resi route which is created from taking the overflow of stops off other routes and combined to make a route. Trace quality will depend on how stressed or screwed the dispatcher is that day.
  6. Backlasher

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    They'll take care of you the 1st week sence your outside and probably will keep you on the same run. Welcome to UPS. It's stressful at 1st but you just got to focus 1 stop at a time. It gets better.

    If you have determination and a cool nerve, you'll be okay. Stay cool and positive and don't stare at all those stops in the truck and let it intimedate you. Don't go any faster then SAFE. understand this above all else.

    Was u a jumper (driver helper) before sence u'r outside cause I c you joined the cafe in 2009?
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    Nope I have never worked for brown but have worked for purple for the last 3 years. Ive always wanted to but with a 10 year wait list to drive its tough. HR did tell me about the 1-6 rule which is why i'm doing peak. I know its a LONG shot but i'm gonna work hard and cross my fingers. Thats all I can do.
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    They already know that you are a fast learner. They will tell you that you will get 3 days training on a new route. The fact is, you will get one day of training. They will come up with some lame excuse as to why they had to pull your soup away from you.
    As time wears on, you will get sections tossed onto your truck that you will have to do blind. You will be paid over 2 hours. They will not give you any crap, because they know, in a very short time, because you are a fast learner, you will be running scratch. If you get hurt, your soup has been instructed by your center manager to talk you out of the getting your injury treated.
    This is the new UPS.
  9. hellfire

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    if you bust arse and impress the powers that be, there is a very small chance you will get put on as a fulltime driver, but a much better chance you will be put on as a partimer and climb the ranks
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    I am new casual and am in an area which I don't know my way around. My tips get a map or get a phone with GPS. Like said above don't totally rely on the DIAD because it will screw you more than help you. My tip, get to work early so you can map out your air.
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    That's my rule too. Don't look at the whole day, it'll only stress you out. Ask youself throughout the day only one question; what do I need to do next. When that answer is punch the board out, you're good to go.
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    ^^ that only takes you so far. Know your next 3-4 stops so you when when the DIAD is jerking you around.

    You can always get help if you fall behind but you can get help if you have late air.

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    Touch your toes, it's gunna be a long and bumpy ride for the next few months.