What are some of the best Positions at UPS , corporate etc ?


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There are no good positions at UPS. Everybody gets crapped on in one way or the other. It just depends on how much you think it's worth.


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The person pitching and not catching. Do you want to play catch?

You've been out of the industry for a few years, that's probably the cleanest place in all of UPS. People always on their knees cleaning and polishing "knobs"


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There is not one management position I would take at UPS
I don't give a sheet about the pay or bonus they may receive
Once you go that route you become their BE ACH
Yes I have to work as instructed but I spend about 5 minutes at the building each day and then I only have to worry about being safe and emptying my car
If I help someone it's easy money time and they will pay

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I'm a little buzzed right now. I thought the guy in the 2nd row with the Fonzi jacket was jerkin it but then I realized it was the guy in the 3rd row whose hand I saw and not an organ.
They are all a bit fruity
I mean a bunch of dudes singing and dancing together
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