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    let me start off by saying im a saturday air driver, this past saturday on my route which i deliver to a beach area on this beach area there are condos (imagine that) well i went to deliver 1 pkg to this apt well when i got my little sheet out with all my codes theres no code for this blding so theres a nice lady who trys to help but to no avail (and did not let me in blding either by the way) so i know proceed to magic screen where i can find names but this gentlemans name does not appear so i call office and my saturday sup to explain this and put in my board as told well know my sup just advised me that the pkg is now a problem it was going to a fellow upser with some payroll in it and that i sheeted it as a NSP and the customer is upset, so know what can i expect to happen to me i have only been driving since november and my record otherwise is good been in center for 3 years.
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    You will be forced to learn punctuation.
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    could care less about punctuation, not looking to be graded on here, but did expect to see an answer such as your's?!,.????????????
    ............................................''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''............................................................there that should make up for ones i missed
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    ...as well as capitalization and basic grammar.

    Relax--it sounds as though you went above and beyond to try to deliver the pkg. You sheeted it as NSP, which is fine, and brought it back. I'm sure it will be delivered today by the regular driver who is more familiar with the area. Was there a phone number on the pkg? If so, you should have also tried to call --if not, don't worry about it.
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    wow so many english teachers on here again in a hurry and not worried about it as much as ya'll
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    thanks upstateny for your answer i feel the same way about doing all possible to get delivered
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    Don't worry about it you did the right thing this happen all the time. If it is a secure building in the future push any button and find someone to let you in the building if a signature is not required leave the package in front of the apartment door. If you can't get in sheet it NI1 and leave a selivery notice on the main door.
  8. what I have done in the past. If there is no person on the dial system to get in and no phone number on the box. i would do the samething you did nsp
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    Icouldgiveyousomereallygoodadviceonthisparticularissuebecausei hadthesamethinghappenwhileiwasadriverifthesupeyoucalledtoldyoutosheetitasnspyouarecoveredalsoitsoundslikeyouexaustedeveryotherpossibletactictocompletedeliveryifiwereyouiwouldntwooryaboutityouarewelcome
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    Look, I am far from being the spelling, grammar, or punctuation police on here. Usually it just doesn't really matter to me. But guy, a little here and there sure makes the post easier to read. If you had taken the time to do so, the first response would more than likely have been the one you were looking for.
    If you expected to see an answer like leftinbuilding's why didn't you just fix it before posting?
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    And after you leave it front of an apartment door, prey that it doesnt disappear. If it does you have just created a mess for yourself. You are not supposed to DR at apartments. Unless they changed the rules that I was tought. If you can't get a signature from a neighbor, one that will hold onto the package until the consignee retrieves it from them, then leave a delivery notice and bring the package back as NI1. Sheeting it as NSP really doesnt apply, since you have now way of knowing how up-to-date the listings on the mailboxes or listing of tenants is.
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    I think I see a comma in there
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    Sounds like you did everything right.

    Frankly, a fellow UPSer should understand why it wasn't delivered.

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    Sounds like you made an effort to get them there pkg. They cannot do anything to you. Dont DR appartments by the way. That is a method. Get used to UPS Supes making mountains out of ant hills. The only other thing you could have done if there was a # on the pkg call it but dont use your cell go find a phone if you do it.
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    Alot of apartments in my old center were DR. I thought it was odd but the note in the diad board said to.
  16. UPSGUY72

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    If it's a secure building you can DR the package unless otherwise noted in your DIAD
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    Kid you did the right thing! You couold not get in the building to DR it and you would not leave it in a common area, the lobby.

    No name on bell = No Such Person in my book.

    If this gut really worked for UPS he would have his name on the bell. Ask anyone, we shovel our driveways and walk ways, we dont leave obstacles on sidewwalks and its all because we hate seeing this at work.

    Tell your boss what you told us and you will be fine.
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    I've always been told no dr's at apartment buildings. If it says in the diad to dr I would still ask my center manager to clarify it in wrting for me that it's ok to dr there. You dr at an apartment and it comes up missing you are still liable to have to pay, based on the DR certification you sign. After watching one member have to pay $11000 for a dr at an apartment building I would think twice about complying with the DIAD instructions.
  19. dilligaf

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    The high val dr must have happened a while back. All high vals are specially handled nowadays.
    Mgt is now required to give us a list of all areas that are acceptable to dr in.
  20. Baba gounj

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    I would complain to the fellow upser for not putting his name on the residence listing.
    Could be he was just visiting an old sick friend there.