What do you do and where do you work for UPS?

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    I'm new to these boards. When I found this site I thought to myself, "Wow, a place for UPS employees... like me?".

    So I was wondering how many actual employees we have here. What do you guys do and how's it like? Anything.

    I'm a Package Handler - Sorter at the Hialieah Hub in Miami, Florida. I think it's the biggest Hub in South Florida. I think the main Hub for Florida is the one in Jacksonville. As a customer and employee, I see that hub is like the gateway where almost all packages travel through to and from Florida. Currently going to school for my Bachelors in Computer Science. I'd definitely like to get involved in the IT aspect of UPS' business.
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    JAX is the main hub in FL. The main ground USA hub is CACH. That place will make your hub look like a nail salon.
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    Yeah, yeah, I've seen videos of that Cach, Illin. Hub. It's huge. They park the jumbo jets right next to the warehouse and land them in the same boundaries, too. Pretty cool.
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    no, that's Louisville.
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    Just read current and past posts to get a feel of what we do and how it is like. Welcome! I am a feeder driver in the northeast, for what it is worth. Most people who post here are current employees, a few retirees , the occasional customer looking for help getting his package, and a few trolls who just post because they are trolls.
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    Thanks, dilli, beat me to it, ya know. If you want to know about us, click on the red highlighted link, you'll learn more than you want to know.

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    Cach is the one with the railyard built next to it. We`re the biggest but size isn`t everything if you don`t know how to use it.:wink2: