What do you think about this?

Dave is a teamster. He's been with the company ten years and used to manage retail stores so he's "good at helping new hires".

However, Dave does PCM. Dave does safety. Dave does not officially fill any type of supervisory or advisory role.

Dave walks new and potential hires around the yard. Dave talks to other teamsters like he's their :censored2:in boss, and cries to management when they don't listen to him. (He is not my boss, he will not instruct me.)

He tried "calling me out" for a safety violation I wasn't committing and I told him to :censored2: himself and pointed at the sign literally right above my head. Like, right there a foot or two above me. I almost accidentally laughed in his face because I thought he was kidding.

Why is he doing management's job, and why is he treating my brothers and sisters like employees?

I hate the guy, but I love everyone who loves him, so I don't wanna raise any :censored2:.

I can't be the only one who feels a little weird about this, so I was wondering what you guys thought about this arrangement.

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Get to know Dave, ask him about his personal life, for example, does he lease or buy a Nissan, does he have a condo, who would he recommend for a financial advisor. The company loves him because he is probably doing all of this extra work off of the clock. That would be a real Dave move.