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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by sparcs67, Jun 27, 2003.

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    Click on the link below and vote.
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    Hmmmm. Very interesting results. The results pretty much match everything that my friends and co-workers outside of UPS have always said. [​IMG]
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    It doesnt show what my customers say. They hate Fedex Ground. I think if they were thinking of all of Fedex instead of just the air operation then it would show a different picture.
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    "One company created an industry and saw its name become a verb ("Do you need me to FedEx that?"). The other is a brown, boring behemoth that delivers a ton of money to the bottom line and the balance sheet, but little gain in share price to its stockholders."

    I think this is as far as you have to read to see how slanted this article is. ( "Creating an industry" versus the "boring behemoth" ).
    Someone has Fedex stock....
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    I think the fedex folks found the site first and have already voted.
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    480: you need to quit hanging out with FedEx employees - they will make you start smelling like that dead fish! [​IMG]

    I agree with the rest of the posts - this was an article written by someone that doesn't like our consistent success....and we will get better.
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    <font color="0000ff">If I'll smell like that dead fish then I guess I'll be smelling like the very customers that have rated UPS and Fed Ex based on their own experiences. Whether they were friends of mine or whether I had never met them before in my life had no bearing on the results. After seeing the negative responses to this thread and the apology for the strike....I am thinking some people really don't care about how the customers feel as long as they continue to get their pay checks while not realizing that those same customers take money out of UPS's pocket and that results in less money for all of us in the long run. People can dismiss the article as an isolated opinion or whatever but I'm pretty sure it is not. One thing is for sure though...our opinions in the matter don't matter. It's the customer's opinion that matters. </font>
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    Wait a minute here.....



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    Do you honestly believe that the results of that survey were based on "customer's opinions"?
    Did it ever occur to you that since the article was posted on a financial board (Yahoo), the people taking the survey are investors and not customers?
    People with their own financial agenda, people who have their monies invested in FedEx and wish to have their investment grow?

    A survey of actual customers would be a lot more meaningful and creditable.

    It might be just me, but I'm more than a little suspicious of what I read on an internet web page, especially when it comes to investments.
  10. upslocal480

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    <font color="0000ff">So investors aren't customers? Investors don't need to ship packages? Customers don't visit investor web sites? A band of Fed Ex stock holders on yahoo just filling out surveys to up the value of their stocks? Sounds like you think there is secret underground society of Fed Ex stock holders that use Yahoo as a homebase for stock manipulation. LOL! Did it ever occur to you that customers visit those web sites as well as investors? Come on now people! There is no stock conspiracy going on. We need to take surveys such as that one seriously as well as the comments of friends and customers out in public. It really matters. I dont think we can really afford to ignore it. I have friends and family that all use UPS for ground shipments but when they need 2nd Day or Next Day Deliverys they tell me they prefer Fed Ex Express. I take that seriously. </font>
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    I'd put money on the fact that its a bunch of FedEx and UPSers that are trying to out do each other.
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    There is a more accurate survey completed every day. It's the over one million shippers who vote every day with the packages they entrust to UPS.

    As a UPS employee I would think you would encourage your family members to use UPS for Second and Next day Air. But then, UPS only provides you with a means of making a living, and if UPS looses business to FedEx that isn't important to you. It's simular to Derick Jeter's parents being Boston Reds fans and wanting the Reds to beat the Yankees.
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    too bad we don't have spell check on this board...
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    <font color="0000ff">Encouraging my friends and family members to use UPS is something I have always done and I dont recall stating other wise. The facts that some of you are ignoring are that we have been steadily losing business to Fed Ex, whether its Fed Ex Ground or Fed Ex Express, and that nobody seems to care. People are too quick to dismiss these polls, surveys, financial reports as other things such as simply Fed Ex and UPSers trying to out do each other and investors in Fed Ex stock trying to manipulate people into using Fed Ex. Fed Ex is spreading like a virus and people are just creating things in their minds to explain it away like it isn't happening. All I've done is point this out.</font>
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    By their own account, FedEx Express volume is declining, while UPS Air voume is increasing. These facts would make me believe FedEx Express is NOT taking business from UPS

    FedEx Ground volume is increasing while UPS ground volume is flat. Is FedEx Ground taking volume from UPS? Yes they are, but you have to ask what volume are they taking. The revenue for each package should be based on cost plus. By this I mean the cost of handling the package plus a profit. I submit that a large number of the packages FedEx Ground is taking away from UPS are not profitable for UPS, and to keep packages that you lose monies on is not a good business decision. UPS is concentrating their efforts on the high yield internationnal and Air volume, very sucessfully I may add.
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    I would have to agree with UPS Vette. Our air volume is growing as well as out international volume.

    Our ground volume may be "flat', but FedEx did not make their growth plan for ground volume this past quarter, resulting in a decline in their stock value.

    We continue to make accurate projections to Wall Street, and our stock is holding it's own, making it a good investment. FedEx stock is doing well as a result of all of the volume they took away from us during the 2002 labor negotiations. That won't last, since they won't provide the good service our customers expect.

    Let's think long term here. I truly believe that over the next few years, FedEx is going to kill themselves with two drivers going to every pickup stop (that is already getting packages back for us). They are also cash poor, which is not a problem with UPS.

    We can all benefit by going to work each day with the attitude that we are going to survive this tough economy (which is the real issue) and get all of our "former" customers back as well as get new customers through sales leads, etc.....

    Do I sound like a cheerleader?
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    definitely a biased article. CNN is usually biased on many topics. Check their political coverage----they tend to be dreadfully liberal as I am sure you all have noticed. Thank goodness for FOX news channel.

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    And FOX news isn't dreadfully conserative? Two extreams, who speaks for the majority of us who are moderates and independents?

    I apologise for expressing my political views in this thread.
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    <font color="0000ff">The fact is that there are Fed Ex Ground trucks all over the place that weren't around 5 years ago and more are being added every year. At least in this area. There is no such thing as a non profitable account when speaking of package delivery and pick up. I consider each and every package on those Fed Ex trucks and the accounts that come with them as lost profit. Fed Ex Ground is mainly business accounts and not a bunch of small pickups that hurt the company in the long run. If you want to generalize what's going on then you have to consider that Fed Ex Express has a better reputation for air delivery but CANT ignore the ground and dismiss what we are losing as non profitable packages. Those trucks are usually carrying the same amount of stops, or packages, as our typical UPS truck so there is no way you can say that even one of those loads wouldn't be profitable for UPS. Ever heard the saying "Every 75 packages creates a job at somewhere in UPS"? </font>

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    I dont consider FOX to be dreadfully conservative----but i think some folks probably consider me to be 'dreadfully conservative'--guess it depends on who you ask. [​IMG]