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  1. LosAngelesRAMS

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    Alright so i've been applying for UPS for a long time. I finally got a call back for my second interview. That was about a month ago. I checked the UPS website and [​IMG]this pops up

    I havent gotten a call saying im hired or anything but my position changed from package handler to this. I read about the UPS stock dropping and how they lost money..so does this mean I will get hired? It's impossible to call the HR department they have phone lines that ring forever..

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  2. Turdferguson

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    That is a package handler. Unless you were supposed to have " special " job handling the DM's package?
  3. specter208

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    From my experience, this means you should expect to receive a call soon. Or go to the center and try to speak with the hiring manager.
  4. LosAngelesRAMS

    LosAngelesRAMS New Member

    Oh okay I see. It's been like that for about two weeks just wondering what's going on. Does this mean I will get hired or they're still deciding?
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    Do you want to rip the Rams from St. Louis??
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  6. jbg77

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    Did u finish the 2nd part of the app?
  7. barnyard

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    You should check with the chicks at the UPS facebook page. They love to take care of these kind of questions.
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  8. Don't hold your breath, you will pass out
  9. LosAngelesRAMS

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    Something really clicked in my head after reading the replies thank you gentlemen have a wonderful seahawks championship