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  1. what are the supplements that we are already settled with...and what are the supplements we are still trying to negotiate for
    thx in advance
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    Neither the Union nor UPS will let this specific information out at this time. We'll all have to wait until there is a handshake before we can find out any details.
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    I heard that UPS could offer shares of UPS in exchange for a % raise. Also, possible weekend and night delivery.
    This will save UPS money, lighten the work load for ft drivers, create new combo jobs and eliminate many send agains for residential customers.
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    Article in Thursday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution gives more info than I've seen anywhere else.

    Although not much, it is something. Robo is right however, as much as all sides don't like it, we'll just have to wait until the deal is done. AND I'M GETTING TIRED OF WAITING SO YOU CLOWNS GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET THIS DONE OR I'LL COME UP THERE AND

    ROTFLMAO!!!!! Got a feeling a ton of hourly and management folks feel the same way. Maybe we should go to Washington and picket the contract talks! Our slogan, GET IT DONE! LOL!
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    Givebacks for Pension Improvements?
    Western UPS Supplement Tentative Agreement Update
    Should our negotiating committee give concessions to buy improvements in our contract? Or should we expect to win improvements without give-backs? Thats an easy question. James Hoffa himself stated There will be no give backs, not at the national level or at the local level.

    While the union officials have not released details of the tentative agreement on the Western Supplement, apparently they are proposing give backs to get an improvement in pension hours.

    The reported improvement is that UPS will now make pension contributions for up to 2080 hours per year, rather than the maximum of 173 per month. This means if a member misses a significant amount of work due to extended illness or injury, they can make up that pension time with overtime hours. This will definitely help those members who miss a chunk of work.

    The problem: in exchange for this improvement the union has made big concessions, including that management would only contribute 10c (instead of about $3.00 at present) for the first 90 days for part timers, and 60 days for full timers.

    This may not sound like much to an individual member, but thanks to the high turnover rate of part timers, this would mean reducing money coming into our Pension Fund by tens of millions of dollars per year. This means less money to pay out when we retire, and will make it harder to improve our pensions.

    It also gives management another incentive to get rid of Teamsters to create even more turnover.

    We should not make positive improvements by undercutting our pension fund or making concessions.

    Also, some other supplements require the company to pay pension contributions while a Teamster is off on workers comp. Why not the Western?

    The national negotiating committee should protect the improvement to allow members to make the 2080 hours per year, while blocking the concessions given to the company for it.
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    More drival from the radical fringe. Why not wait until you actually know what has been negotiated before you begin your anti-UPS/anti-Hoffa bleating.

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    Side deals in the works but only those involved know. Possible indicators, bank accounts increase, new cars, houses, advancements and new relationships. This is nothing new like in politics but if the contract is settled and members aren't happy, then you know why the union is supporting the contract.
    Also, who voted on the increase in dues?, ohh our union who represents us but didn't ask or won't provide accounting figures showing exactly where the new revenue is being used.
    Just like in 97, the strike if one shouldn't last more than 2 weeks as then they'd have to pay strike pay and couldn't spend all that new money from the dues and line of credit.
    GOOD LUCK!! Fedex here I come.
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    Why don't we ask for free flights? New cars? Bigger pensions? Higher wages? More time off? Why don't we commit employment suicide????
    If this contract is like the last one, we'll be on the street in a week or so. Last time we weren't even asked to vote on the company's proposals. Our esteemed leaders just put us on the steet and caused our families a great deal of financial hardship. And for what? To divert the heat from Carey's legal problems. I'm fed up and think we need to consider decertifying. More than 75% of American workers have a great standard of living without a union and I'm ready to join them!!!
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    I've got shocking news for you driver1. If the IBT wants to, they can now call for a strike just like they did in 1997 - without offering the UPS proposal to the membership for an up or down vote.

    You have already given the IBT approval to call a strike. Not too smart was it?
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    I think you missed my point, robono. I was being facetious but also stated that we were put on the street in '97 by the teamster leadership without being given a chance to look over the proposal and it seems that may happen to us again. We just might have accepted that last ('97) proposal with its increased pension and profit sharing.
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    Sorry, driver, I'm missed your initial point - a correct one in my opinion.
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    Settled, but a vote on the contract in 30 days. Thats corrupt, since the contract expires in 15 days and if settled you don't need all the contract but the major 10-20 issues affecting most teamsters. Voume will now pick up and the IBT will force this contract upon UPS employees and you the minority 20% who voted for the strike will believe the IBT advising you that this is the best they could do and there's no point in wasting more time. I hope that you vote yes if the contract contains important issues like power steering, AC, automatic vehicles, seniority lists which are followed regarding work schedules, pt/ft wage gap decreased, more ft jobs(combo/driving) and eliminating management doing our work and teamsters doing their work. Many others to list but a few important ones for those driver in the hot humid climates. Good LUCK!!!!!
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    Wow! The more things change the more they stay the same. Part time employees screwed again by UPS and our union friends. It will be approved by over 65% of those who vote. Still, the corruption in management, mind games played, no ac in vehicles in Southern States. This is absolute slavery no matter what you get paid. But, they're smart, it's all about money. Good luck!!!
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    Let's see. More money, improved benefits, improved pension(that's right folks a pension for PARTTIME employees). Yep, the part timers got screwed again. What are you smokin'?

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    slyguy, I know that President Bubba Clinton parsed every sentence, and questioned what the meaning of "is" is; but come on, lets speak honestly here, Words do have meanings.

    There is no way that your comment "This is absolute slavery no matter what you get paid" can stand up to any honest scrutiny.

    All UPSers receive a very nice wage for their time and efforts. All UPSers can resign and walk away from their job anytime that they want to. There is no way that it is SLAVERY!
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    part timers have always gotten a pension
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    You are correct and incorrect, not all UPSers make a nice wage. $8.50 to bust your rear at 3 a.m. for three and a half hours was a nice wage in 1982 when they first got it. Now it isn't adequate. Only medical coverage makes the job even slightly competitive in today's job market. You are right it is not slavery as the continuous mass exodus of part timers attests to there ability to leave when they feel like it. Chicago part-timers average employment duration is two weeks. Part time retention is a current huge problem nationwide for UPS aka bussing, retention bonuses, college tuition, etc.

    This contract did not truly address this problem.
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    I'll agree with you on that point ok2bclever.