What i dont get about our new insurance..

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    If you dont work for a week you dont get insurance the following week? Not sure of the minumal hours you have to work either? But that is not my question..

    My question is.. say i hurt myself outside of work playing basketball, snowboarding or whatever. I will go to the hospital and insurance will cover it since i worked that week. But then im gonna be out of work for like 2 months. So i wont have any insurance and it wont cover any of my follow up issues or anything? Or say i get a health issue like cancer. It will cover the first week but than i get no insurance while im out of work?

    Makes me want to not be active outside of work at all... This cant be right though. What am i not understanding..?
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    You go out on the union disability and I think you are covered for six weeks.
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    Are you on Teamcare?
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    Six months
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    I was just thinking the same. I'm bad about riding my little trick bicycle on the weekend. At 45 I am sure to have an "accident".
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    You must notify both the union and UPS HR about your temporary disability and you should be fine. Remember you must notify both.
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    Short term disability