What is the correct protocol?

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    The other day one of my friends who drives for an LTL company called me to complain about one of my drivers. He said that when he was waiting to pull into a dock my driver pulled in and took the next dock that opened without asking. Rude? Probably, but I was under the impression that this shipper had given us precedent over LTL since they usually tie up the dock for a longer time period. I'm honestly not sure what happens in these situations. Do grade school rules of conduct prevail ("no cutting!)? I know some places have docks specifically for UPS and Fedex to avoid this, but this is not such an establishment.
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    I"ve seen it both ways. Some places think we'll wait in line. Some give us priority. Some you schmoose the dock person.

    A good driver will comunicate with the other driver. If it's an in and out delivery some guys have the courtesy of letting the other guy go first.
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    If your guy pulled in, saw the LTL driver sitting there waiting, did not communicate with that driver and took it upon himself to take the next open dock, he may find himself dealing with a very upset LTL driver.

    The only stop that I have where this can happen is Walmart. They have 3 docks but have 2 of them occupied by their trailers. I try to deliver Walmart while I am delivering my NDA's so time is crucial. If I pull in and Ground is also waiting I don't even bother trying and will come back; however, if there is an LTL waiting I will ask I can pull in ahead as I am normally in and out in 5 minutes or less.

    If you don't communicate with the other driver and simply pull in ahead of him you could find yourself blocked in by that truck.
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    Tell your driver to be courteous and to use his head.(it might be tough)
    LTL(less than load) might have only had one pallet to unload, your ground driver might have been there with 100 pieces.

    Eitherway the drivers need to communicate and be courteous, unlike the ground guy who used to park(for about 45minutes) on a dock(2 doors only) while delivering
    a 10 story office building, with complete disregard for the LTL, EXPRESS, UPS, OFFICE COURIERS who all had to use the same dock. (and yes there was ample parking off dock)
  5. I would take the dock without asking. Ground is all salary. I don't have time to talk to other drivers. If I see a spot, it's mine. If he blocks me in, so be it. I will nap.