What is the limit before you can request a eval and take the mapp ?


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I've been at UPS going on 5 months, I'm going to wait until peak is over and then ask my sup or HUB manager about moving to specialist. Is anyone a specialist ? what can I expect as a specialist and will it be acceptable for me to request that after working there for about 7 months, however I've done everyting I've been asked to do and then some. I know how nothing's ever good enough but surprisingly I get a couple good jobs and a nod of improvement. I'm almost finished with my AS degree in Communication (Apr 08). Also I was wondering if anyone knew a Little more info on the the Specialist position. I imagine it was a little better then being a pt sup. I would grealty appreciate any advice, Thanks!

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Your job duties and tasks will vary depending on which shift you are assigned.

As a OMS (Operations Managment Specialist) or PTPCS (Part-time Package Center Supervisor) as I believe they are now called you are the main point of contact for customers and drivers.

The PTPCS works in the package center and has the key responsibilities in servicing customers and coordinating the center’s activities. A PTPCS must be able to work without close supervision. Will be required to make decisions based upon broad guidelines, practical experience, and sound business judgement. May be responsible for the supervision of center administrative employees and will direct the work of other employees, including drivers* (It is better to ask then to try and dictate, just FYI...) Will have regular contact with customers as well as immediate associates, drivers, and staff management.

Because this position varies so much by what center you are assigned to, it is hard to get into details. I know some centers that mainly use a PTPCS as a secretary or administrative assistant. I know others who use their PTPCS as FT supervisors with PT pay and hours, and give them tasks that on-road sups do not want to complete.

In my humble opinion, the PTPCS are the heart of the operations at a center during the day. Good specialists can make or break a day for many drivers. And the bad...well....they usually end up being given full-time positions in management. :w00t:

Hope this helped a little, and if you have any more specific questions, feel free to PM me. Good luck...take advantage of the tuition reimbursement and 401(k) match, which is free money!
Friendly piece of advise (as usual on here)... find out what "specialist" jobs are actually available, if any. There are plenty of people I know in my district who have passed the entire MAPP process and are "on the bubble" so-to-speak... then they find out... there are no specialist jobs to be placed into. Same with the FT Sup positions. Promotions are not coming from within where I am ... outsiders are invading the territory so this makes for no open positions.