What Is the UPS Policy on Working a Non-physical Job While on Disability

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    Because there was some confusion regarding my first (literally my first) post, I thought I would try to explain my situation again:
    I have recently been diagnosed with cancer and will need to have surgery. Recovery time is about six to eight weeks. I work part-time in the warehouse and work another part-time job that is far, far less physical. The weekly disability payment is only $125, so I am hoping that I can continue my other part-time job. The doctor already told me I couldn't work at all the first three weeks, but I could work a non-physical job after that....I would like to know if the insurance company is going to be okay with this....? Does anyone know....?
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    If it's the Aetna Short Term that you have not paid anything into, that ups provides us as part of our benefits, NO Aetna will not be ok with it and you will not receive any payments. Best of luck to you on your upcoming surgery, and prayers to you for a speedy recovery. You have alot of company on this site, welcome and use us as you need.
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    Good luck on your surgery.

    From my experience......

    If you are on disability, UPS will not allow you to work. If you are on worker's Comp, UPS will find TAW for you.