What is your glove of choice?

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  1. anonymous4

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    For both driving and working in the hub. I found one or two older threads specifically about gloves, but none provided a clear cut answer. Especially for people around belts and those dealing with thousands of packages a day (wear and tear). Someone in my hub sells a cheap pair of cotton/rubber grip gloves that seem to fall apart relatively quick. Anything in particular at Walmart, Home Depot etc that would last a month or more while providing grip?
  2. cachsux

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    I believe these are the ones I use, this is the brand for sure, it`s the model number I`m foggy on. These are designed for use in handling masonry blocks. I used to go through a pair every 4 months of the other gloves I have used. I have a pair of these I use that are at least 18 months old and still going strong. I buy a pair that is a bit on the small side as the fabric will stretch around the fingers and I can write and use the computer while wearing them. About $12 a pair, I get them at Menards.
  3. wyo_john

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    I usually go through a pair of the rubber coated wal-mart gloves every 2 weeks and that's loading an average of 1600 packages a night.
  4. Cementups

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    For driving I prefer the Ironcald Box Handler gloves. They are a bit pricey but I can still use all the buttons on my DIAD without any interference. And also can reach into my pockets with out the rubber snagging on the fabric of my pants.
  5. CharleyHustle

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    After shipping about $2.00 a pair, 2 dozen last me almost two years. Tight fit and sticky, once the rubber wears off kinda slippery.
  6. MonavieLeaker

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    Atlas Fit gloves from Grainger
  7. 22.34life

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    wells lamont makes a very good quality glove for about $20,they are real leather and fit snugly to your hands.they last me about 3 or 4 months.
  8. Baba gounj

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    none, just keep some good hand lotion nearby.
  9. TheDick

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    Ironclad framer and box-handlers are good ones, but the gardner gloves that have impregnated rubber are good but in summer months are real sweaty!
    The thin rubber glovs are ok too but get sweaty too
  10. dillweed

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    The Atlas gloves, for sure. Our center, for some reason, provides these for us. As a sorter, they usually last about a month. They come in sizes for a decent fit and are not clumsy.
  11. gorilla75jdw

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    I just try not to touch anything .
  12. Anonymous 10

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    Highflex lite by Ansel there like nothing is on at all full function of your hands with the board lasts at least a month for me.
  13. whiskey

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    I'm not a big glove wearer, but I do like the Tillman 1568 for package. They are inexpensive, leather with a plastic liner. So they are can only be worn for brief periods of time, or the sweat factor kicks in. But the plastic does keep the snow out of the picture.
    Inside, is a different story. Leather eats cardboard. So, if you find an inexpensive leather glove you like, buy in bulk. I used to buy 12 pair at a time. If I got one week out of a pair, I was happy.
  14. bigmistake

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    Craftsman mechanics gloves from Sears. A few times a year they go on sale for $10.00 and I stock up. They will last about a month and are washable.
  15. drewed

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    I used atlas latex gloves when I was a sorter and the nitrile ones as a sup... machine washable last about a month
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    Why did you need gloves as a sup, cold hands?
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    Ya and sometimes the guys like to know I till got it ;)
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    Why do you need to put your hand in your pocket?:wink2:

    But he has a warm heart.

    You can't say that you didn't know THIS was coming.:happy2:
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    Uh, to get my keys funny guy. ;) None of work pants have holes cut in the bottom of the pockets (yet)
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    I have typically used the little cheapies you get 2 pair for 4 bucks. You can buy them at convience stores and department stores. They don't last long, maybe a few weeks, but they are warm and I can still work the diad and put keys on my finger. Usually the end of the index finger gets :censored2: in it. Now, I am female and have small hands compared to the guys, so these work for me, but might not be what you are looking for. I usually dont like the ones with the rubber dots on them, but I just purchased Quiet Wear ones that has them. They were 3 pair for about 6 bucks. Ill post to let ya'll know how they work out. If they get caught up on my pockets ,then they will not be worth it. That is annoying.