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    This article doesn't bring up transpo specifically, but I would like to hear what people's correlations are with how this will effect us.

    Just as in 2004, this year's presidential election is galvanizing the nation. How you vote in November is a very personal matter, but your choice can have professional repercussions. John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the nation's first outplacement consulting organization, points out, "Each candidate promises to enact policies that will help ignite a recovery and new job growth, but where that growth occurs will depend heavily on who wins in November."
    "It is impossible to say which future president will succeed in delivering an economic recovery and job growth, primarily because so many other factors will play a role in determining the outcome of their policy initiatives," he says, so he and his team of experts at Challenger, Gray & Christmas have put their heads together to forecast which sectors should enjoy job growth under which candidate.

    If Senator Barack Obama is elected President...

    Alternative Energy.
    With Obama's pledge to invest $150 billion over the next decade in renewable energy, Challenger says, "These projects will require thousands of engineers, environmental scientists, equipment manufacturers, and operators in the automotive, transportation, chemical, and technology industries."
    Civil Engineering. "Civil engineers will be needed on the local and national level to develop and oversee planning and implementation of designs for cities and towns," he states.
    Construction. Obama has earmarked $60 billion over the decade for projects to develop and maintain the national infrastructure. According to Challenger, "Construction workers will be needed, with job creation expected to reach as high as two million direct and indirect jobs per year."
    Education/Teachers. Obama plans to provide funding for teacher rewards such as higher pay and intervention strategies that include teaching teams, parent programs, and personal academic plans to engage students in middle school, which, predicts Challenger, "should create thousands of opportunities for teachers in early childhood education as well as academic counselors and mentors."
    Manufacturing. To capitalize on a waning interest in off-shore manufacturing, Senator Obama plans to provide tax breaks to companies that manufacture goods in the U.S. "This," he says, "could be enough incentive to move some overseas production back [here]."
    Telecommunications. Acknowledging that we've become a super-connected country, Obama pledges to supply broadband networks to every community in the nation. Challenger surmises, "With tax and loan incentives, thousands of telecommunications and technology workers will assist in reworking the nation's wireless spectrum and creating new applications and next-generation facilities."

    If Senator John McCain is elected President...

    Challenger points out that McCain strongly supports the development and deployment of missile defenses, increasing the size of the military, and upgrading military technologies. He says, "To meet this goal, the government will have to order an increased amount of missile defense systems, weaponry and safety equipment, potentially creating thousands of manufacturing and engineering jobs, as well as dynamic recruitment efforts for the Armed Forces."
    Automotive. Senator McCain is encouraging forward thinking around fuel with an eye toward giving automobile makers incentives to develop fuel-efficient and hybrid technologies. "This," Challenger reveals, "will likely substantially increase job opportunities in automotive engineering and manufacturing."
    Construction. McCain's proposal for legislation to manufacture environmentally-friendly buildings, both for residential and business use, could result in the creation of thousands of opportunities for construction workers, according to the firm's predictions.
    Insurance. McCain wants to reform the existing tax code to allow workers to choose their health-care insurance providers outside of what their employers offer. Challenger states, "This move will likely mean more competition in the insurance industry, creating hundreds of opportunities for sales people, claims adjusters, underwriters, examiners, investigators, management analysts, and administrators."
    Nuclear Science/Engineering. "McCain's plan to build 45 new nuclear power plants over the next two decades, providing an alternative source of cheap electricity is expected to produce 700,000 jobs," shares Challenger, with opportunities for seasoned and entry-level workers as well as additional jobs for construction workers.
    Oil and Gas. Senator McCain's energy policy, which includes exploring domestic oil and natural gas supplies in order to end dependence on foreign oil, "will likely create thousands of jobs, including petroleum technicians to collect information on oil locations, equipment manufacturers, engineers and laborers," says employment expert Challenger.

    While each candidate's policies may create jobs in different industries, "Whatever the next president does to create jobs, the growing ranks of unemployed and underemployed will want it done quickly," says Challenger.
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    Tonight on 60 minutes Andy Rooney said "you won't go wrong voting for either one of them"-----------------------but then again we all know what a fruitcake Andy Rooney is.:peaceful:
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    As long as the Baby Bush is out of there Andy is absolutely right!:happy2:

    I am excited.......oink oink!
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    neither is going to solve this financial mess.

    Points to remember if congress is controlled by one party;ie democrats, thus the next president (dem ) will be able to slide everything he wishes quickly thru or if (gop ) president will face an uphill battle on anything and everything. Also consider that this current congress ( who were elected on the promise of ending the war, but really just wanted to be the ones in control) currently has lower poll numbers than George Bush.
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    I say throw all out that are up for re-election:soapbox:
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    problem with that is that for years bush had control of congress. it was not until the threat was there for the dems to get back into power that he showed any concern.

    so what good things besides a tax cut did they pass? and that was not put in as a long term tax cut, only a temp one.

    they made promises, and failed to deliver. the dems went in with promises of fising what was wrong, and we know how good they have done as well.

    i say get rid of everyone of them, find two others to fun for president, and start from scratch. or start with scratch.......:wink2:

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    Scratch for President? OK, he has my vote!
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    To answer your post atatbl either candidate is making jobs easier. Some of those jobs actually create new structures, and most of those should have receiving docks. It does most certainly bring in the opportunity for more business for ups and upsf. But the same opportunity also arises for fedex. I would say that the one thing ups has going for them is the customers love their ups driver. I'm not sure the same holds for fedex because you could have 3 or 4 separate drivers to one business in one day. If ups plays this out right, and if business development can not f up with getting these new businesses a good rate and the drivers there cut of the sales leads, then there's great opportunity in either president for jobs.