What keeps us at Express?

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    What keeps me at Express is looking forward to every second of the six weeks of Vacation after 20 years.Thats it nothing else to stay for anymore.The latest dumbing down or as I call it the DRA train wreck,will not last in my oppinion,but they sure sell it like they were a bunch of multi level marketers.The fourth quarter started to show the failure which is part of the reason the raise was (defered).The first quarter will really show the true colors of DRA and that defered raise won't happen in Oct.and DRA will fade into the sunset.In the mean time the bailouts the hourlies are paying for won't be enough to get to the 1.7 billion they want and it will be our fault again.Sooner or later the top heavy Express will have to look at the man in the glass and say what went wrong. Untill then keep grinding and cherish your time off with family.Happy Easter!
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    I hate to break it to you, but the most vacation you will ever receive is 5 weeks.
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    He might be counting personals/floaters. Either way, as they did with raises, don't be surprised if, in 2 or 3 years, vacation time is taken away from us and cut back to 2 weeks max for frontliners. Management and above would of course keep their total holidays.
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    mortgage, college, etc
  5. SmithBarney

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    Actually he's probably one of the A-holes who has no children who take every holiday week, so they get 5 extra days to use as an additional week.
    then with personals and floaters end up with 6 weeks 4 days.
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    We have 4 women, couple roommates, that always take family holidays off, spring break from times to time as well. Pisses off so many mid ranges employees lol.
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    It being so bad at Express I would think flipping burgers or greeting at wal mart would be a better job. So I'm not sure why any works at Express!
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    Unfortunately they won't pay enough to cover my mortgage or put food on the table for my kids. But I'm sure you knew that.
  9. northbound

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    Wal mart or Express?
  10. hypo hanna

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    Walmart never, FedEx decidedly less so over the past 8 to 10 years.

    I think you knew that too.
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    One of the A-holes?that was a little rough.Yes I was counting personals and floaters and didn't count sick days,and with the new vaca. bid format most got a summer week.I take one summer week,not a holiday week, and I do have kids friend. I do know the kind you are talking about and we have plenty of them.:wink2:
  12. northbound

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    So if you don't have kids then your an a-hole if you take vacation during holiday week?
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    What is this new vacation bid format I have seen people posting about on here? Nothing changed at my station other then more weeks blacked out.

    Isn't it wonderful having off for a week and not being able to afford to go anywhere:happy-very: I love 10 cent raises every other year

    While brown probably go to places like Hawaii and Aruba.

    F U FRED
  14. Route 66

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    oh now don't be silly

    that's where they go for the weekend
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    maybe if they get DRA sorted out, i'll become a PT evening courier... i'll probably get paid better with working less hours & have better bennies than what the contractors' have in their little corps.


    the system we use here is similar & is called VRP (vehicle route planning).

    as a swing, i've seen some IC owner-ops that planned their service areas to maximize their efficiency ~ they get done by 1500~ because they work with the route planner to prioritize their zones & not have to double-back to the same streets

    as for drivers who doesn't really use their turn-by-turns & don't bother to fix their service areas, that's where i'll have a bad day... sure, they'll go out of trace & finish their routes by 1700, but i'll be out there until 2000 because i don't have their "area knowledge" & they're not here on their day off to let me know how effed up the turn-by-turns are planned
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    ​In their private jet.
  17. Mr. 7

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    Why don't you do it now?
  18. northbound

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    After listening to you guys who would want to?
  19. MrFedEx

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    OK, Mr. Big Business Owner. We'll do what you tell us.
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    Fear and lack of planning one's future. Don't box yourself in.