What shipper do (did) you hate to deliver the most & why?

Big Babooba

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Mine was Fingerhut. Most of their stuff was poorly packed and went to the high claim areas.:angry: Got a lot of claims for damages. I don't miss them.


Hoopah drives the boat Chief !!
house ofl llyod norditracs and the mass state lottery all sucked and all cods to hair salons you opened up a can o worms here bib baboo:surprised:


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Avon, for the reasons given but also because you can never get there early enough to satisfy the Avon ladies. I have a new Avon customer who calls the center each Avon day to find out what time I expect to be there. The OMS clerk and I have already come up with a nickname for her--PITA.


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Partylite, I.R.S. tax forms going to libraries, LTD simply because the don't know what tape is, and any other place that ships cases of paper....

Overpaid Union Thug

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Partylite, I.R.S. tax forms going to libraries, LTD simply because the don't know what tape is, and any other place that ships cases of paper....

BOW FLEX, Pottery Barn, Copying Paper, and any package that requires a money order.

Avon's packages arent all that bad...it's the people that order it! We have a few Avon Ladies that call and harrass our OMS daily saying they need their stuff before a certain time or they'll lose money. That's what they get for promissing their customers that they'll have thier products by a certain time without even knowing for sure if we'll deliver it before then or not. Some people just don't get it.

old levi's

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Mary Kay, because if the boxes are strapped together,you better cut those straps and scan the bottom box which has a different 1Z number or someone with a clipboard wil be calling you an idiot for missing a delivery scan.


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Work out equipment, Copying Paper, Leaf Springs, thin metal pieces 6 feet high that weigh 90 lbs, and the Heavy furniture boxes that are covered in plastic (aka Bruisers)

705 cach

Do not knock LTD at CACH it is about 15 to 18 trailers a day about 6 feeder drivers that came from package at one time. To do the hard feeder work:surprised:

Ms Spoken

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Mine would be any basic Post Office packages that should be ours anyway. Most of mine I already have a pkg for them or driving right by the address. More pkgs/stops = more jobs.


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Does anyone else out there remember Blair pkgs? About 20 yrs ago they shipped clothing in flimsey, non-coregated cardboard boxes. I'm not sure, but I think I still remember their shipper #---626721

LTD can be a pain with the styrofoam peanuts


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Another oldie--------Record albums & cassette tapes, COD !!

Customers would have toooo many beers & the commercial would come on the TV to buy Elvis's top 20 golden hits. The pkg would show up & customer wouldn't remember ordering it & they don't get their unemployment check till late next week.

old brown shoe

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Boxes of license plates for the Court House. Those suckers are heavy for no bigger than they are and they get a bunch of them at a time. Everyone else already said the others I could think of.