what u think the easiest job in the hub



on the preload (at least in my opinion) the sort isle in the primary and the boxline slides are the easiest jobs in our operation. Thats just my opinion your mileage may vary :peaceful:


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in my opinion, as what i see on the hub i think security is the easiest job lol. the only thing they do is stay there all day lol


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In my hub the Porter job seems to be the most coveted. Just about every high seniority combo person signs up for one when it becomes available. I've seen them work, and it looks boring, but I suppose it leaves the least room for harassment by management and doesn't involve lugging boxes all day so everyone wants to do it.


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I think the SPA jobs are the easiest in the building/hub. Scan, label. scan, label. zZzzz

Customer counter isn't bad either. Aside from the irate customers and talking them down, there's little excitement and fanfare. I have mixed feelings, but it's definitly less challenging than any other full-time jobs that I've seen.

cu counter/spa would be an ideal combo situation :peaceful: