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    I just want to say hello to all of you fellow ups'ers. I am a regular visitor but decided to finally sign up. I'm curently an ODC clerk and have been working for this crappy organization for over 3 years. I started unloading and such and after I did everything I could do, I decided to have a sham job until I get to driving.

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    Re: What up


    Hopefully things will get brighter for you.

    Welcome to the Brown Cafe where the sun is always shining and the future looks so bright you gotta wear shades. :beach_ball:
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    Welcome. I've been here 30 years. I've had times when I felt just like you. You're gonna have good days as well as bad. You'll work for good bosses as well as bad. I figured out later in my career that even your worst day has some good in it. I wish I knew this sooner. Now this has been passed down to you - run with it. You'll do OK. Good luck.
  4. bubsdad

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    I get a little annoyed by the negativity that seems to be a staple in the UPSer diet. I quit a very decent job to take a job with this company and alot of the things I was told in the hiring process have not come into fruition. I am currently laid off from my feeder position that I was hired for and working in the hub. I did my 30 in 90 unloading on consecutive sorts and have now bumped into a combo job. At this time, in this economy, we are lucky to have this option. I am a steward and try to keep my fellow drivers who are also in the hub upbeat but it is very hard when guys talk about the company negatively. There is nothing in the contract that I read that says if you are dissatisfied with your employer you cannot quit. Remember you came to UPS looking for a job, they did not seek you out. You always have the option to pull up stakes and move on.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Do yourself a favor. When you go to work today, look above the door and you will see a sign that says "Exit". Please feel free to use this if this "sham" job becomes too much for you to handle and I am certain that they will have long forgotten about you by the next day and will easily have 100 applicants waiting in line to fill your pitiful shoes.
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    We welcome you to the Brown Cafe.

    We spread happiness everywhere!!:bigsmile2:
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    Well Im so sorry that I affended you with the truth. Im sure that if you worked in this dump they call a center your attitude would change very easy. Ah dont get me wrong I love the benifits and the pay but thats where the line stops. Management in this place is a total joke and the union is the same. They treat all employees like total garbage unless you have time to spend under the desk, if you you know what I mean They constantly break violations and grievances in this place are worthless. I know cause cause the one time I filed a grievance are pretty boy districy union rep said he couldnt find it, so there was nothing he could do. Wow, just like that. I see my good ole union dues are paying off by supplying this clown with nice clothes and fancy car and enough jell in his hair to supply a small village. And lets not go with communication around here. Cause there isnt any. But I dont want to bore you with my first impression of this company cause its was real crappy, and it befuddles me how its only getting worse. :happy2:
  8. bigbrown4582

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    As a matter fact I do look at the exit sign every time I leave this billion dollar trash, knowing that I love my sham job and I am raping UPS for everyhting they have with my sham job and that I will continue to make sure I get everything coming to me while I work my cushy sham job, because when my turn comes I want to get the privledge to rape UPS for $30.00 plus an hour like everybody else around here is doing. So dont worry I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

    PS. Im glad I had to a chance to repond to you while I am still on the clock, working my sham job. :happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very:
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am glad you are staying because I have been told that UPS has to hire and employ a certain number of people such as yourself to qualify for one of their many tax breaks so keep up the "good" work.
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    Employees working sham jobs usually make good write offs!!:happy-very:
  11. bubsdad

    bubsdad "Hang in there!"

    You are the problem, not the solution. You hate the company, hate the union, but all you want to do is complain and look forward to a time when you can "rape the company for 30 dollars an hour". If it wasn't for the company's strong economical standing and the union's strong brotherhood you would probably be doing the job you are doing for about 1/3 of what you are making. Instead of crying about how you are being wronged, grow a pair and step up to make sure noone else is being wronged. As far as changing my attitude, there is nothing you can say or do that will change it. This is, by far the best trucking job in the industry. When you get a few whiskers and realize what reality truly is you might get the opportunity to realize I am speaking the truth. I hope you come to your senses sooner rather than later and realize what kind of an opportunity you have here. If you do stick it out, I hope that you will be the kind of stand up guy the company and the union need to make it through tough times like these. By the way, people tend to take you a little more serious if you preview your posts and correct your spelling. Have a wonderful day.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It would take much more than that to take this fool seriously.
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    Welcome 4582.... And you ain't the only sham at brown!