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  1. Integrity

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    To All,

    For discussion:

    What would you do if you owned UPS?

    What are the first 3 changes you would make to make UPS a better place to work?

  2. Iwillyellatyou!

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    1. Put people to work - If the you have the drivers and the vehicles make service on all pkgs. On light days instead of laying off 6 drivers and have 8 drivers getting 2 plus hours of OT, have an extra 3 drivers code 05. Maybe then the drivers who would rather get home to see their families than make OT could do so before 8 or 9 o'clock.
    2. Dont trip over a dollar to save a dime - don't nickle and dime your workforce. Quality employees are the company's #1 asset, theres no need to try and build bitterness towards the company. Are the people at the top taking cuts for the bottom line? Sweet new truck center sup.
    3. Recognition vs discipline - The harder you work the more work you get. Even then management will look for write-ups. Everyone should be able to do the job assigned. Dont load one person up heavy because another driver can't get the job done.

    It's a great job and the people love their job. It's the same job every day I go to work - no need to reinvent the wheel
  3. yada yada

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    i would First pay the PreLoaders more the economy is already :censored2:ed up, why should my employees be? all drivers would have a helper for less stress and aggrvation, it would be less misloads cause accuracy would be my main focus... i would give more optional and sick days. union dues for everyone would be a set price. of $50 a month. i would give the best belts trips, and rewars and recongtion to the theam and supervisor. i would once a month rent a club out on a saturday for my upsers for a party and try to have massage therapist there at the party. shooot massage therapist there everyday before prelaod and during and after, and break would be a hour! PAID!!!:happy-very::smart: ya'll enjoy your day. your fellow upser Yada- yada
  4. Anonymous 10

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    I thought I was already part owner?
  5. Integrity

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    For purposes of this discussion thread I do not mean owner in the sense of shareholder.

    For this discussion, owner is intended to mean one person, in complete authority to make changes as he or she sees fit.

    I am sorry for not being more clear.

  6. over9five

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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Yada Yada. Nice plan!
  7. TearsInRain

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    1. i'd stop dictating goals from Corporate HQ and give managers more control over how they run their operations

    2. replace half the entire management work-force with an equal number of hourlies (mostly PT) so that workers work and managers manage

    3. eliminate preloaders entirely, have drivers load their own trucks, but have lower volume-per-truck and more drivers to compensate

    those three should change enough to get things moving in the right direction
  8. hypocrisy

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    1. Revamp the management force entirely, eliminating most supervisory positions. Ratio of management/employees is way too high now and highly redundant in some operations. I envision a sort of roving 'training supervisor' who works to instill the UPS work ethic in new employees, training of new drivers and feeders, and working within existing work groups to improve teamwork.

    2. Eliminate the "train by discipline, micromanage everything" mentality that permeates UPS management today. Instead, the philosophy would be "Treat people like professionals and they will rise to the challenge". Eliminate most electronic monitoring.

    3. A complete re-evaluation of safety practices throughout the company. I'd want a no-holds barred, expose all the ugly things that are happening that I believe lead to accidents, lawsuits, and higher costs down the line.
  9. terrymac

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    I would give Fred Smith one heck of a good deal on a bunch of used planes, trucks, and stuff.
  10. brownedout

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    1) The CEO has to have risen through the ranks. Just like they used to.

    2) Allow Center Managers to actually manage their own centers/building.

    3) Safety would REALLY MATTER. Not the rhetoric it's become.
  11. curiousbrain

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    1) All preloaders have to occasionally act as helpers for the drivers, so they are exposed to the ins and outs of how delivery really works; would also benefit those who want to be drivers in the future.

    2) All drivers have to occasionally act as preloaders, so they are exposed to the ins and outs of how preload really works.

    3) All managers must be hired from within, so they understand the trials and tribulations of those whom they manage.
  12. PASinterference

    PASinterference Yes, I know I'm working late.

    1. Management must work their way up through the ranks-really.
    2. If a supe has a problem with why a preloader cant load 5 trucks and keep up,that supe should just show him how its done-or the supes fired!Same for driving-IE should be fired for ignorant allowances
    3. Put service back in place-not just percieved service after a doctored up report.
  13. Mr Ken

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    UPS will never change the way they treat us. We are contract employees. In the 28 plus years I have worked for UPS I have seen management come and go. A few came in and were going to change the world. I wonder what they are doing today?.... As for all of us, I only hope your quality of life doesn't change because of an injury on the job. Be careful and work safely.
    Mr Ken
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Mr Ken!
  15. toonertoo

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  16. Just Numbers

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    Your talents are in the wrong place...you should work for the current administration in Washington. Repeat after me: I live in the real world, 2+2=4 and profit is not a dirty word. I would really like to see you balance your checkbook between priority, reality and the land of oz.
  17. Just Numbers

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    I see a better work environment already!!!

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    1. No forced overtime for Pkg. Drivers.

    2. Service, Service, Service. It was the original plan for UPS. Not the hokey pokey crap it's become. I use to feel bad about delivering a bus. late in the day. Now as long it's by 1700 and not a missed, nobody cares. This company really changed when they took the package off of the UPS shield.

    3. Proper equipment for the job today. Not 20+ yrs ago. They can tell which way I leaned when I fart on the seat, but a LOT of trucks still don't have power steering, low steps, or 3 point seat belt system. Give me a break.
  19. code5

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    1. A more standardized workday. Leave building by 8 and get the majority or your work done in the morning. Take a lunch break at noon and be punched out at 5. Funny thing is, i could do as much work even.

    2. A user freindly Diad that actually shows the customers signatures properly. No shift key and every function drivers could use. Not the, you can't code this or don't do that with no explination as to why.

    3. If its lighter volume, vocus on eliminating overtime instead of eliminating employees and adding overtime. The odd day of, enjoy your light day. I know you have a lot of heavy ones but please get in done in 8 hours.

    Weird thing is that there was a time where all those things happened. Except maybe the Diad not reading signatures very good, but I could live with that! lol
  20. CustomerConcern

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    1. All corporate employees and call center operators pass driver training and go with a driver for one week.

    2. Count overtime towards retirement, rather than just the first 2080 hours worked per year.

    3. Reinstate all recognition programs (safety and time in service) as well as start the Center funds for safety commitees again.