What would you think if your soup said this to you?

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    So I just wanna share a situation that occured at work, and see what everyone thinks and what should I do? It's downtime, I return to my unload from another unload having finished helping out, my soup tells me to bring down a bunch of bulk, so I begin to do what Im told. Another worker is proceeding toward me this individual is a black male, he basically is just walking through and asks if I need help as I was moving a huge piece of bulk, I reply simply in a normal tone "Na its ok, I got it" which I did and I proped the bulk upright as I was trying to do. So he just proceeds on, I think nothing of it, then my soup comes up behind me and asks me why I didn't say yea to the help the guy offered. I was confused, and after him asking me three times and I'm not quiet understanding what hes saying, he says "do you not like black people?", I reply to him shocked "what? are you serious?" *my soup is hispanic* I asked him 2 more times
    "are you serious? or is this a joke?" he next says " if you don't like black people you can tell me" I continue with "I got seriously no problem with black people" he finally says "You know were just trying to promote a diverse working enviornment, I'm just asking" the conversation ends, he walks off. Next I was pretty damn insulted, and :censored2:, I didn't understand the reasoning or need for such dialogue, I wasnt nasty to the black guy, didn't talk in anyway or give off an appearance that something was wrong when talking to the black guy, and the black guy didn't say anything bad in return to me or make a face or anything. I just find such a thing to be insulting, because i seriously get along with alot of the black guys, long conversations, good humor, good rapport, what the heck could of that been about? A few days ago, our soup was walking by me and I jokingly asked him how many trailers he unloaded, he was confused and ask why and I just walked away laughing. Pretty much I was messing with him, he messes with me jokingly in the same manner, Is such a relationship with a soup something that we should just avoid as it can complicate things? because it seems like Im getting the impression that some boundaries cant be blurred or crossed.
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    I would think, "HOLY CRAP, Talking Soup"!!!!
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    I ate about 2.8 grams of purple ringers (dried) last Saturday & I b.s. you not, my cup of chocolate/vanilla swirl frozen custard WAS ACTUALLY :censored2: SWIRLING!!
    I'm sorry, goetface, don't hate me. I just had to play with you... seriously, though, next time I go a-trippin', I'M GONNA HAVE SOUP!
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    Oh, good. I wasn't the only one, haha.
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    lol thats so true, usually when you say something to them they like space out, or act like they didn't hear you and just go in another direction haha. wtf is with this breed? they almost are all the same in terms of these distinguishable traits, its scary.
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    I thought it was funny, but, now it's sad. :dissapointed:
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    Ask Morgan freeman.
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    Not that I should have to clarify this, but to make everyone (goetface) understand it, I will.

    You asked what we would think if our soup said this.....when you abbreviate the word Supervisor to the short form, it gets spelled out as Sup, not SOUP(food).

    So if I was accosted by talking soup, I would probably dunk some grilled cheese in it and eat it.

    Then it became funny that you didn't understand the joke and responded in a fashion that now has certain members feeling sorry for you.

    Personally, if my SUP had asked me that I would have replied "No, I'm fine with blacks, but I hate hispanics" and walked away.
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    I don't know about you but in the fall I really love soup.
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    OK, we've gone far enough with the soup......!
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    I hear theres free rum flavored raisins in the restrooms at your hubs.
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    Think of it as training to be a Republican.
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    Being falsely accused of being a racist certainly is part of being a Republican.
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    you're asking for trouble.
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    Would that be corn tortilla soup? :wink2:
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    I had to google that.

    Sounds tasty.
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    ​It is very good.