Whats an unloader really allowed to wear?

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  1. The guy who's been doing our class made like a really big point telling us we had to wear shirts with sleeves, but when they took us out to the trucks to practice working with the other guys, I saw some who wore sleeveless stuff. Then yesterday I unloaded with this really fast dude who was like nearly shirtless. His sleeves were totally gone and even the sides were totally cut out all the way down to his waist. What was left of the t-shirt on the front and back was too narrow and loose to keep anything covered very long cuz he moved around so much as he worked and kept using the front as a rag to wipe sweat off his face. The supervisor there by the trucks told me to watch and learn from this guy cuz he was one of his best unloaders and something about me being like him in a couple of months. He also said he decided this dude would be my unload partner, to look for him when I come in every day, and to ask him any questions if I wasn't sure what to do. I guess my point is that the supervisor didn't seem like he could have cared less that his star unloader and my example hardly had a shirt on. Its hotter in those trucks than I thought it would be and I know its only going to get hotter. Summers here means 90s and high humidity and I was really sweating and feeling myself slowing down after only one hour. This dude was still sweating, but keeping up his normal speed looked easy for him. I wanna be good and I know that also takes practice. But for next week when I'll be out of class and unloading the whole time, what can I really wear to work?
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    I'm thinking of an expert on what to wear-maybe they will enlighten us.
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    Look, there are things that trainers and supervisors HAVE to tell you. They tell you to use the hand-to-surface method, but they don't really mean it. It's to cover their asses. "Did you tell him he could wear a tank top?" He can't say yes, or it's his ass if you get cut bad. I've seen guys wear gym shorts sneakers and "Muscle" shirts. I don't doubt it gets hella hot unloading, it gets hot loading. I wear jeans a T-shirt and steel toes everyday. But you can pretty much wear what you want without it being ridiculous...No crocs or flipflops. Sandals would work :D. Kidding. If you've not made your 30 days though, just tough it and wear semi-appropriate stuff. Bottom line, dress code not strictly enforced. Atleast not at my hub.
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    Just dont come in naked and you'll be fine
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    I wore pajama paints when I was a preloader.
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    upsgrunt told me to wear flip slops and a burka

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    I was thinking more of the muzzle line.
    Keep it up--I can go longer than you!!
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    i thought muzzles were provided on one has an opinion
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    This is the USA- English is the required language
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    i think its spanish se habla espanol?
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    You are wrong as usual!
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    Go back in your cave troll man- I'm done and I refused to get sucked into another banter with your know it all attitude.
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    What you wear inside the feeder is one thing but what you wear outside the feeder while walking through the building is another...
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    This is true, I have seen a few pairs of panties come out of our trailers, one guy smelled them to confirm they were used.
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    Since there is no icon for "shaking your head in disbelief", this will have to do-:surprised:
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    One thing you can't wear, is a UPS uniform, or at least some can and some can't at our center. That includes the jacket in the winter time.

    I say some can, because it all depends on who likes who here.
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    Ahhh, as I recall on hot evenings while unloading we wore as little as possible, . ( but always had the proper footwear on ).I always carried a couple of spare rags to wear around my head to keep the sweat from my eyes.
    On cold nights ( the belts had almost no heat over them, meaning that all the feeders insides were frozen ) you wore layers of clothing that came off as you worked.
    I made it a habit to find the most outrageous t-shirts to wear year round.
    { will work for sex } got me a night off, from a female sup.
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    When I started as an unloader back in '87 we had a gal who didnt wear a bra :happy2: and we all enjoyed watching her work...it went on for awhile because the P/T sups were all guys and (a) they liked watching her too and (b) they were afraid to go tell her to put a bra on. Someone from Corporate must have caught on because one day a female center manager took her aside and told her to wear one.:dissapointed: So then this gal started wearing really short, white tank tops and all was right with the world once again.:happy2:
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    Chat room anyone? :o